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Cory’s Birthday Continued

Posted on March 20, 2013 by under Events, Food and Drink.    

We continued the celebration the next day at Jay and Becca’s Hizzy. I’m totally not making that up. That’s what they call their place on FourSquare. LOL.


We rotate hosting Walking Dead watch parties with the Phelpi and the Dills every Sunday. This past Sunday we were at the Dills where they fed us some yummy shepherd’s pie. Thank you, Jay and Becca!


April baked the most delicious green cake I’d ever eaten for dessert. I love birthdays because it gives me a reason to eat cake. When the cake is awesome, even better!


I really hope Brian took notes so when he bakes the cake for our dads’ birthdays in a couple of weeks (we’re having a joint birthday celebration on April 6 for both of our dads at our place) he’ll make one that’s just as delicious. Except not green. LOL.

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