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Funny Conversations

Posted on February 3, 2013 by under Life, Relationship.    

Brian and I have some funny conversations — in the shower, in the car, around the house, or just hanging out in general. Here’s a few of the funnier ones that I’ve posted on the Flip and Ching page.

BRIAN: Just so you know, as soon as you turn (into a Zombie) I’m putting a bullet to your head.
CHING: What? You wouldn’t want to be a Zombie with me?
BRIAN: Nope.
CHING: So we can get fat together and we can get fit together, but you draw the line at being Zombies?
CHING: Fine. Since I have a gun now too, then the same goes for you.

So we’re no Romeo and Juliet… Apparently, when I turn into a Zombie, I’m on my own. LOL. At least I have a gun now.

This next one happened yesterday morning. We all dream of winning the lottery. Well, when we win the lottery, we’re getting a butler.

So I woke up this morning craving hardboiled eggs for breakfast, but neither of us wanted to get up out of bed to make it. I told Brian that it was times like these that I wish we had a butler. We could just be like, “I want some hardboiled eggs please, and a glass of water.” Then they would come back to the bedroom with our stuff and we wouldn’t have to get up out of bed.

A few minutes after Brian got up to make breakfast, he came back into the bedroom. Upon seeing me still in bed, playing with my phone…

BRIAN: What are you still doing in bed when I’m out there making breakfast? Have I become your Alfred?
CHING: No, I just need to play my “words” first.
BRIAN: Come play it in the kitchen.
CHING: But it’s cold!
BRIAN: Put a robe on. Better yet, go ahead and get ready so you’re not rushin’—
CHING: Who’s Russian? I’m not Russian. I’m Asian!

Brian was about to walk away but turned around, hopped on the bed and gave me a good spanking. After much spanking on his part and giggling and screaming on my part, he paused and looked at his hand for a second.

CHING: Did my buns of steel hurt your hand?
BRIAN: Buns of squish maybe.

I love mornings that start like this. Alfred or no Alfred.

This is what happens when we walk through Von Maur. Therefore, we try to keep trips to the mall to the bare minimum. Twice a year or once every three months is frequent enough. Any more than that and we’d probably have to sell some organs.

CHING: Ooh, I love that purse. (Approaches purse, fondles it, and tries it on.)
BRIAN: It’s Brighton. I can tell from the buckles.
CHING: I’m impressed. (Still wearing purse.)
BRIAN: How much is it?
CHING: (Takes off purse to check the price.) Umm.. $290.
BRIAN: Step away from the purse.

Here’s one that happened right after my thyroid surgery.

BRIAN: You should weigh yourself. You look like you’ve lost weight.

Ching steps on the scale. Scale reads 119.8, almost 5 pounds less than her last weigh in.


And this one..

BRIAN: I miss you.
CHING: I miss you too, baby.
BRIAN: So when do you think you can have sex?
CHING: I can have sex anytime. They didn’t check the “vaginal rest” box.


While watching Person of Interest one night…

CHING: The married couple hired assassins to kill each other?
BRIAN: That sounds like something we would do.
CHING: I wouldn’t do that to you.
BRIAN: You’re right. You’d kill me yourself.

Anyway, be sure to like our Facebook page so you don’t miss out on other funny conversations that I post there because most of them never make it on our blog anymore. Have a fantastic day! Until next time.


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