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You Mean This Isn’t Cousin Tracy?

Posted on December 31, 2011 by under Confessions.    

I wanted to share with you guys something funny that happened to me the other day while I was running errands. Ever since I found out that Juliana at Quick Stitch (the alterations specialists that Brian and I rely on) made barefoot sandals several weeks ago, I’d been thinking about getting one made for cousin Tracy because it would be perfect for her wedding in Jamaica in March. I needed to get her okay and her shoe size, though.

So while Brian was getting his massage on Wednesday, I asked my in-laws for Tracy’s phone number so I could check with her. I was thinking that this could be the “something blue” for her to wear at the wedding. I don’t think I was explaining it to her very well though, because she was thinking that I was buying her actual shoes (perhaps she got this impression because I asked for her shoe size) and she didn’t want to wear shoes because this was going to be a beach wedding. She tried to be open minded about the whole thing and suggested that I send her pictures of what I was talking about before she agrees to it.

SC20111228-125420.png SC20111228-125234.png

Anyway, the first phone number that I got from my mother-in-law didn’t work. I guess it was the phone number to Tracy’s old house that she sold now that she and Jeff are living together. Finally, I got her mobile number from my father-in-law. Although, there was some other number I had on my phone that was listed as Tracy McConnell. I ended up exchanging several messages with a stranger before I realized it was the wrong number. I deleted it from my contacts list immediately so as not to confuse myself in the future. But, this was too funny not to share so I’m posting it here.

I did talk to the real Tracy McConnell and she loves the barefoot sandals idea so now I can get one for her. She is so sweet, so I really wanted to do something special for her. I’m glad she consented to letting me take care of the “something blue” part. I asked Juliana to make custom barefoot sandals for cousin Tracy using blue beads and I’m super excited for the finished product. I hope that she really likes it.

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