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Reality Shows

Posted on June 24, 2003 by under Life, Web.    

I found Veronica Kay‘s journal online but I’m wondering if it’s the real VK.  Brian thinks that it’s some writer that Roxy has paid to write stuff into a diary.  I think it’s the real deal but I’m starting to wonder if Brian is right.  Isn’t she supposed to be in Oahu with Boarding House (incidentally my new guilty pleasure — I’m so over Shipmates because it’s the same shit over and over again) for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing or am I seriously slow?  Is the show like six months behind or something because VK’s website says that she’s in Australia right now.  But if it’s behind then what’s the point of watching something when you already know who’s going to win?  This is way too much thinking for me.  Will someone who is knowledgeable in this area straighten me out please?

Anyway, Sunday was super awesome.  [I really need to lay off the surfing shows — SurfGirls and Boarding House — because I’m starting to sound like a stoned surfer.]  Brian and I went to see The Hulk, which was great.  You either hate it or you love it, and I loved it.  I told Brian to add it to the “to own” list.  I didn’t let the fact that he looked like, as Brian puts it, Shrek on steroids bother me at all.  Jennifer Connelly is superb, as usual.  Ang Lee, the director, is a creative genius.  Nick Nolte – great.  Eric Bana?  Well, I can’t really say much because he had to share his part with a computer animation.  As much as I loved Josh Lucas, though, they really made him look gay in the some of the scenes.

After the movie, we came home and cleaned house.  The guest bath is spotless!  I am so happy about that.  I also made sure that the cobwebs which were collecting in the front entry (because we never use it — the UPS guy probably thinks we’re the laziest people on the planet) that mom pointed out the last time she was over were gotten rid of for good.  I’m going to make sure we try to keep the front entry cobweb-free if not always sweeped.  LOL!

As we were cleaning, I got to thinking about last week’s Real World Paris episode and how she found the passport hidden in the purse..  I was sure that our marriage certificate (which we realized was missing only a couple of months ago) was in my purse.  I was thinking back and I couldn’t recall ever putting it anywhere else.  So I checked again, in the same way that I checked before and sure enough it was there!  It was right there with my expired passport.  What the hell?  I could’ve sworn it wasn’t in there the last time I checked.

We were so convinced that it was gone that I sent Brian downtown on his day off last Friday to get copies.  Good thing the copies were only $1.25 each but still, he could’ve spent the time more productively instead of running around downtown looking for the office where he can get the copies which, as it turns out, we don’t need anyway because I’ve now found the original.  Sometimes I just feel really flaky!  But now you can’t tell me that nothing has come out of my reality show addiction because if it weren’t for that episode, I don’t think I would’ve found the missing marriage certificate!

After cleaning, we rewarded ourselves with dinner at Sumo because Brian was craving California maki again.  I love that he has started digging it because I love California maki and now I can have it more often because he likes it too!  As we were driving home, Brian was making fun of this girl that sat at the other end of the hibachi table because when Silo (our chef) did the Japanese microwave thing where he sets the shrimps on fire, the girl ducked and covered her head with her hands like she was afraid of catching fire or something.  I told Brian she was probably wearing tons of hairspray and, as we all know, hairspray is extremely flammable so she had good reason to fear.  Personally I don’t think anyone should wear hairspray if they’re going to Sumo.  Actually, I take that back.  I don’t think people should use hairspray period.  I told Ashley about it at work today over Sametime (our work chat thing) and she goes, “Sumo amateurs!”  She might have used the term novice or some word of similar meaning but I can’t remember exactly.

Dinner was great.  The rest of the early evening was spent laying in the hammock.  Brian and I said we would only lay there for an hour but we both fell asleep and it turned into more like two hours.  When we came to it wasn’t completely dark yet but the sun had already set (the sun was still up when we first went outside to lay in the hammock around sevenish).  It was totally wonderful.  The climate was perfect and there was a strong breeze that kept us cool and the leaves were rustling.  I love the sound of rustling leaves.  Laying there reminded me of the slow, leisurely days in the province when people just take naps on the their front porch or veranda.

After our nap we worked on Brian’s website some more because I had promised him I’d help him do a site makeup which his site needed terribly.  It wasn’t anything like the other night, though, when Brian was caught on cam!  LOL!  

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