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Rick’s Cafe Pics

Posted on March 27, 2012 by under Travel.    

2012-03-19 13.13.50.jpg

Monday was the best day. We went on a boat trip to Negril and had lunch at Rick’s Cafe. He’s some information about the restaurant.

2012-03-19 13.29.47.jpg

They have these cozy cabanas for rent for $75 a day.

2012-03-19 13.12.14.jpg

We arrived by boat, which one of the divers “parked” for us. After we all safely disembarked, the diver towed and anchored the boat away from the entrance and cliff divers. It’s like valet parking at sea.

2012-03-19 13.12.53.jpg

Brian doesn’t look thrilled, but he really is. I think maybe he just had a little too much sun that day. We did arrive by sea after all.

2012-03-19 13.05.05.jpg

Cousin Tracy and Jeff…


Brian and I tried not to over-indulge by splitting the chicken and waffles. It was yummy, but not quite as good as Brian and Jay’s chicken and waffles. We also had queso with chicken, but it was just so-so and I didn’t really taste or see any chicken. Brian said it was in there.

2012-03-19 13.47.04.jpg

People don’t really go to Rick’s Cafe for the food. I think mostly tourists go there for the beautiful sunsets and cliff diving. Possibly drinking also — because that’s the only way that people would find the courage to jump. LOL.

2012-03-19 13.13.16.jpg

Actually, I had a couple of drinks that were quite yummy. I had Sex with Rick, which I think is their version of the drink Sex on the Beach. I’m glad it tasted good because I mostly just ordered it for the clever name. I wanted to be able to say, “I had Sex with Rick at Rick’s Cafe.” LOL. I also had a Jamaican Me Crazy, which I thought was kind of like a pineapple and rum punch.

2012-03-19 14.31.57.jpg

After lunch we had to ask the diver to retrieve our ride. For $20 he will jump from the top of the platform, dive gracefully into the water, swim toward our boat, and tow it back. There are several guys who hang around there and dive for tips. They’d be like, “Did you see me jump? Wasn’t that awesome?” And then ask you for tips. It was interesting at first, but got annoying after a while because I never asked them to jump. I want to see Brian jump, but they cliff dive all the time so it’s like nothing to them. It’s not that interesting to me. Now, Brian cliff diving — that will be something!

We did tip the guys who helped us on and off the boat. Some of them were the same guys who were diving for tips. I didn’t mind tipping in those situations because then they were actually providing a service. So if you go to Rick’s Cafe, be sure to bring lots of singles. People will hit you up for tips at every turn.

If you do take pictures or videotape the divers, be sure to tip them. That’s their livelihood. They’re basically entertainers. If you’re entertained, then it’s only fair to compensate them for their trouble.

Also, arriving by boat is way cooler and more fun than arriving by land. We came from the Savanna La Mar area and passed by some really cool caves and cliffs (the West end of Negril is really rocky and consists of lots of cliffs) on the way to Rick’s Cafe. I was really overwhelmed by all the sights. I will tell you more about the boat trip next even though I didn’t get to take as many photos as I would have liked because both my water camera and my regular camera ran out of juice. I forgot to recharge them.

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