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Excel: Taking the Next Step

Posted on October 12, 2011 by under Life.    

On Tuesday I started Excel training. This is just one step in the direction for certification.
2011-10-12 13.39.42.jpg
The first training class was kind of boring. I was in a room by myself with two laptops. One for the teacher to show me what he was doing and one for me to work on and he could see what I was doing.
2011-10-11 08.53.32.jpg
The second class was better. I already knew how to do almost everything they showed. But I learned a few shortcuts that will make my life a little more efficient. The second days set up wias almost the same except they were terminals not Laptops.
2011-10-12 13.34.02.jpg
On the plus side. I got to eat at Taste and See, and eat some awesome food.

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