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Trip Recap Continued

Posted on July 9, 2011 by under Travel.    

Sorry about the interruption. I just had to post the bikini carwash photo because I didn’t want you all to miss out on a great opportunity to contribute to the community while oogling sexy scantily clad girls at the same time.

Anyway, you’ve seen the photos from Stonington and river tubing and Tanglewood so that brings us to Saturday which is the day of Pete and Lynne’s wedding. It’s also the day that we checked out of Hyatt Summerfield Suites in Connecticut and drove to Boston, which is about a couple of hours away.

2011-07-02 10.33.21.jpg

Brian and I packed the night before in anticipation of switching hotels so we were ready way early in the morning. We took some photos while waiting for Jay and Becca. This is the only one that turned out somewhat decent. LOL.

The Dills had a pretty crazy morning. It’s not my story so I’ll hold off on sharing it. Suffice it to say, it was a pretty exciting morning. They forgot the wedding invitation at home so we didn’t have the address of the wedding location. We ended up going to the wrong venue where they just happened to be having a funeral at the exact same day at the exact same time. It was pretty funny.

We did finally make it to the wedding. Thank God. Here are some pictures to prove we were actually there…

2011-07-02 12.19.21.jpg 2011-07-02 12.25.57.jpg 2011-07-02 12.45.45.jpg

Mama Dill and Becca…

2011-07-02 12.29.06.jpg

2011-07-02 12.54.18.jpg

Yup. Those sunglasses are new. I told Brian that I didn’t need new sunglasses, but he insisted because he figured that I would need them for the rest of the trip (for the afternoon ballgame at Fenway, for the Segway tour, etc.)… Lucky for us, Rachael and Jeff live right by The Shoppes at Farmington Valley where there is a Brighton store. You know how we don’t have any Brighton stores at all in Wichita and I have to go Von Maur or Wild at Heart to buy Brighton stuff? Well, I quickly realized that Brighton stores are like Dunkin Donuts in the East Coast. They’re everywhere!

2011-07-02 13.21.08.jpg

Jay and Becca…

2011-07-02 13.20.22.jpg

I was trying to copy Jay…

2011-07-02 14.10.04.jpg

Blink face detected!

2011-07-02 14.11.38.jpg

LOL. Alright. That sums up Saturday morning. Next up, I’m going to post pictures of our hotel in Boston. Well, we actually stayed in Cambridge on the other side of the Charles River. Stay tuned for more pictures from our East Coast vacation!

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