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Tubing in Farmington, CT

Posted on July 8, 2011 by under Travel.    

It was a week ago today that I lost my favorite pair of Brighton sunglasses.

2011-07-01 09.41.38.jpg

2011-07-01 09.27.39.jpg

The day started out great. We had breakfast at Harvest Cafe & Bakery in Simsbury, CT. Then we went over to Jeff and Rachael’s house in Canton, CT before heading to Farmington, CT for tubing. It sounds weird, I know, but the towns are right next to each in the East Coast and particularly this part of Connecticut. You turn the corner and you hit another town. LOL.


I should have taken this as a sign. They didn’t tell me there were going to be rapids. I was thinking we were in for a lazy river type tubing experience. I guess the handles of the inner tube should have been my clue.


Jay didn’t want Jeff to tell us about the rapids because he was afraid that I would bail out on tubing because I’d be too scared. I probably still would have been up for it though, except I would have left my sunglasses in the car. =P


Here are some “before” pictures…


This is when we first got started…


I didn’t know how to paddle. I think my arms were too short. So Brian waited for me so we could stay together in between rapids.


I think this is Brian’s “Where are they?” face.. We got separated from the rest of the group because I was going too slow. LOL.


Part of it was that I couldn’t stop taking pictures. =P


Here’s Jay and Brian (above) and then a solo picture of Jay (below).


We all got together after the first set of rapids.


Rachael and Jeff…


Jeff and Jay…


We all had a jolly good time…




Finally got everyone lined up!


Brian looks naked in this photo, but he is wearing swim trunks. I promise!


Brian, up close and personal…


My last photo with my sunglasses…


The sad thing is that the sunglasses were only a year old. I thought I’d had them for a couple of years but, after checking my blog, I realized that I bought them at the Brighton store at Country Club Plaza in Kansas City over 4th of July weekend last year and then I lost them in the Farmington River over 4th of July weekend this year. How ironic!

I’m glad that I thought they were a couple of years old at the time I lost them, otherwise I’d have been really upset. As it was, I just took it in stride. I think Brian was more upset over the loss than I was. Then again, when you’re afraid that you’re going to die, losing a pair of sunglasses is the least of your worries. LOL.

There were four sets of rapids altogether. I made it through the first three without any hitches. The fourth set was the shortest and mildest (I don’t think it even counts as rapids to tell you the truth, but I’m counting it because it almost killed me =P) and it was the one that wiped me out. Ugh. Brian said that I just happened to hit the one big bump in the middle (I don’t know what they’re called) and that’s what toppled me over. He watched it happen and couldn’t do anything about it. Thank God for the life vest!

After that, it was an ordeal to get me back on the tube. The current kept pushing me down the river so I couldn’t get secure footing on the rocks we passed so get myself back on. Brian and Jay finally just had to pull me back up on my innertube. I never would have gotten back on if it weren’t for their teamwork.


It was a beautiful day. With the exception of the frigid 59-degree water temperature, it was the perfect day for tubing. I wish we would have had more time because the first pass (which on average takes about an hour and a half to two hours) is $18 (it’s $20 on weekends), the second pass is $10, and then you can keep tubing for free. So for $28 you can go tubing all day!


The best part is there’s no walking involved. You get in the water, tube down the river and then when you get to the “take out” spot, there’s a bus that will take you back to the beginning. I would totally do this again. The only advice I have is don’t wear sunglasses or, if you must, then buy a cheap $10 pair from Target or Walmart that you wouldn’t be afraid to lose. Also, bring cash for your admission because they don’t take credit cards.

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