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Zumba Master Class

Posted on April 18, 2011 by under Events, Health, Zumba.    

I succumbed to peer pressure and decided to attend the Zumba Master Class at North YMCA yesterday. I’m glad I did because I had a lot of fun.


With Amie, Andrea and Gina

2011-04-17 17.28.43.jpg

Gina, Hideki and Andrea


Obligatory photo with Tony, the Master Zumba Instructor.


Our post-workout picture.

I’m really glad that Amie talked me into going. I was reluctant at first because I was worried that there would be 200+ people there and it would be way crowded, which I hate because then I can barely move. When I was in Amie’s Sunday Zumba class at West Central Genesis earlier that day, though, she told me that there were only 40 or so pre-registered at the time that she signed up. It makes sense, because how many people would really pay $20 to take a Zumba class?


It was a decent turn out, but not as big as I feared. I’m glad Gina Ann and her friends got there early and secured a great spot. I hate being in the back because I’m too short to see over other people.

So anyway, Amie’s class ended at 2:00 pm. This gave Brian and I time to meet the family for ice cream at Orange Leaf. I just took a few bites out of Brian’s ice cream. I was good and didn’t have my own. Anyway, I was really sloppy in Amie’s class in my black Zumba cargos and a white t-shirt so I wanted to come home, shower and change into a more colorful Zumba outfit for the Master Class.

Brian was like, “Why are you showering? You’re just going to sweat again!”

Channeling my inner five-year-old, “I have to look presentable. This isn’t a REGULAR Zumba class! This is a MASTER class! This is an EVENT!” I was quite indignant. LOL.

I’m glad I changed because we took quite a few pictures. I’d hate to look losyang compared to everyone. =P

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