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Friday Night Salsa Fix at Suede

Posted on January 15, 2011 by under Things to Do.    

2011-01-14 23.37.27.jpg

ME: They seem to only have a dress code for guys. They never give women a hard time.

BB: As long as you’re hot, they really don’t care.

ME: That’s not true. I’ve seen plenty of ugly people there. [pa rum pum]

Just kidding!

Brian and I had fun at Suede tonight even though the bouncers made him go home and change. I think it’s my fault, though, because I wore my sequined dress. Brian looked sorely under-dressed next to me in a hoodie and carpenter jeans.

We were told that hoodies are not allowed according to their dress code. Brian tried to explain that he had been there before in the exact same attire and it wasn’t a problem. One of the guys said that the owner had specifically told them to strictly enforce the dress code going forward.

We could have been cranky and just gave up on Suede for the evening. We’d never let a minor inconvenience like that ruin our salsa night, though. Brian and I went home. He changed and we returned. No big deal. Brian actually looked quite dashing in his dress pants and button up shirt. They didn’t have a choice but to let us through the second time around.

He rarely ever dresses nice for Suede so George was in shock. He asked to take a photo with Brian. LOL.

2011-01-14 22.15.01.jpg

Brian cleans up well, don’t you think?

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