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Just Another Friday

Posted on January 23, 2011 by under Things to Do.    

Did I mention that Friday is my favorite day of the week?

2011-01-21 21.28.53.jpg

Brian with George and Rene, a couple of Salsa night regulars

2011-01-21 21.33.35.jpg

George and I

2011-01-21 21.28.12.jpg

Rene and I

2011-01-21 23.07.59.jpg

Me and Hai

2011-01-21 23.01.08.jpg

I love, love, love Salsa night. I think our dancing has definitely improved ever since we’ve started going to Suede regularly. We learn something new every week. Even Sergio noticed. He told Brian and I that we’ve both loosened up a lot since the first time we all went out Salsa dancing.

Our efforts are paying off, baby!

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