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Driving Brian Crazy with My Horrible Singing

Posted on August 16, 2010 by under Life, Videos.    

Didn’t feel like getting up today. Probably because I didn’t get much sleep or rest this weekend. I was looking forward to my spa treatment, but they called me at the last minute to reschedule. The therapist who was going to perform the service called in sick. I think it worked out for the best because I was on call this weekend and I didn’t really want to get a phone call during the treatment when I’m supposed to be relaxing. Also, they are going to give me a warm stone foot massage to compensate me for the inconvenience of having to reschedule. So I was disappointed, but I think the free add-on makes up for it. Now I have a two and a half hour spa treatment on Sunday to look forward to… Incidentally, this actually works with my workout schedule as well because group fitness classes are canceled at North YMCA for this coming weekend so they can resurface the studio floors. So I won’t have to rush from the gym to the spa clinic. It was a blessing in disguise, really.

So yesterday when they called me to reschedule, Brian had flashbacks of our bad experience at Healing Waters years ago when we both actually took vacation days and were planning our day around our spa visit and then they canceled on us. Same issue, sick therapists. Brian who is a bit of a “Negative Nancy” and was reliving the bad Healing Waters experience started bitching, moaning, and complaining and even took to his Twitter to rant and rave. I’m like, “It’s all good… No big deal… It just gets pushed back a week…” I was honestly disappointed because I could’ve really used a good massage and some RNR after the rough Saturday I had, but I learned long ago that it’s pointless to get upset over things you have no control over. Plus, there’s usually a silver lining to everything. As it turns out, moving it to next Sunday actually works out better overall.


This morning, I got up and got ready for work though I didn’t really feel like it. After a bowl of Fiber One Shredded Wheat cereal, I was good to go. Pretty much. I was actually in a pretty good mood. I was in a “singing in the car” mood, which was not so great for Brian because I’m tone deaf. LOL.

I popped in my Cass Elliot (Mama Cass to most folks) CD and proceeded to sing along, in my special off-key car singing voice, to Make Your Own Kind of Music, One Way Ticket, It’s Getting Better etc. I think Brian was ready to strangle himself. Of course, he couldn’t because he was driving, but I think that might have been why he was driving so erratically this morning.

He was like, “This is worse than Kings of Leon!” Yeah, he’s a party pooper.

We both had dental appointments today so we took off work a couple of hours early this afternoon. I was still in Cass Elliot singing mode, though. After the dentist, we stopped by the house to change out of our work clothes before heading to his parents’ house for dinner. Brian’s parents said they had an anniversary gift for us so we figured we’d come by and the four of us could have dinner and all that jazz.

As we were about to walk out the door, Brian asked me if I wanted to take my car or his truck. I replied with, “It doesn’t matter to me either way. Let’s take the truck.” Not really thinking about it. I just figured, Crichton doesn’t ever get driven so it would be nice to drive him once in a while.

So we’re driving South on Webb Road to his parents’ house when I felt a song coming on and it didn’t dawn on me that I couldn’t sing along to my music because my Cass Elliot CD was in the car! We were just past Douglas when I realized how he’d tricked me! He wanted to take the truck. He was hoping that I would choose the truck. In doing so, there would be no singing in the car on the way to dinner. What an evil, manipulative, conniving trickster!

“I was wondering how long it’d take you to figure it out,” he said laughing.

I’ll let him win this round, but he needs to look out. I’m going to sing to him on the way to work even louder and more off-key than ever before tomorrow morning. =P

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