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Thank You for My Free Book

Posted on September 28, 2012 by under Leadership.    

I drove to Topeka yesterday to listen to Bruce Tulgan talk about leadership. That’s leadership with a lower case L, by the way. I normally ride with Darcy, but she didn’t sign up for the training this time around. So I ended up driving myself because Isaac accidentally left me out of the carpool email. It worked out okay though because I need to drive more anyway. I’m always the passenger.

Brian always worries about me when I have to drive long distances because I turn into a narcoleptic in the car. It wasn’t too bad this time. I was actually alert the entire drive home. Maybe it was because of Tulgan’s energizing talk that morning.

Unlike other speakers we’ve had in the past where everyone gets a copy of their book for free, Tulgan actually makes you work for yours. If you are engaged and ask a question, you get rewarded with a free copy of one of his books. Would you have expected anything different from the author of Not Everyone Gets A Trophy? LOL. Isaac actually ended up getting a free copy of that book yesterday, which is quite fitting since he’s a member of the Y Generation. Though, he probably doesn’t need any tips on how to manage himself.

I was fully engaged but had a challenging time coming up with a question to ask (so I could earn my free book, of course). Every time I thought of a question, I also thought of the answer. I know. It’s really hard being me.

Time was running out and he was quickly running out of books to give away so I desperately had to say/ask something. I did get to squeeze in a question (which hopefully wasn’t as bas as Angie’s “Cookies” comment from the latest Survivor episode), but he was out of the hard cover books and only had “Fast Feedback” left, which I already had. Thankfully, Tracey who asked a question earlier and got a copy of It’s Okay to Be the Boss was willing to trade me. She probably figured that I needed all the help I could get. LOL. Actually, she’s just really nice and saw how badly I wanted a copy of the book. I’m hoping to finish reading it this weekend so I can just give it back to her.

Thank you, Bruce Tulgan for giving making me work for my free book. (Thanks to Tracey for trading me.) More importantly, thank you for stimulating my brain enough to keep me awake on the drive back to Wichita.

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