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Bob at Uncle Roy’s

Posted on December 18, 2009 by under Poker.    

Bob at Uncle Roy's

The one and only time that we miss poker (aside from the two weeks in October when we were in the Philippines), everyone shows up. Just my luck! I felt specially bad because Brian’s dad’s boss (Bob) was in town. I’m so glad that Sunny and Kurt were around.

If I wasn’t at home, I wouldn’t even have found out Bob was even in town until later (I don’t check FB at work; I just happened to be laying in bed with nothing better to do). I gave Brian a hard time about that. I was like, “You didn’t tell me your dad’s boss was in town! He was at poker last night. You really should have gone.”

Brian goes, “Yes, but you’re sick and I didn’t want to leave you.” My husband is so sweet. “You wouldn’t have gone without me.”

“Yes, I would have! It’s only a couple of hours. I would have been fine.” I’m fine by myself while he’s at work. I just take some NyQuil and doze off. LOL.

“I didn’t want to go without you.” He is so sweet, right?

I think if he knew that Bob was going to be there (they’d never met, because Brian was in Germany the last time that Bob was in town), then he would have pried himself away from me for a while. This is Bob’s last trip to Wichita for the year, I’m sure. And, it’s not very often that he has to come to Wichita because, you know, Brian’s dad is so good.

Actually, it worked out for Dill that we weren’t there. He actually cashed (1-2 chop) last night. 😉 Just kidding! Congrats, Jay!

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