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Poker at Nikki’s (Again)

Posted on February 13, 2011 by under Poker.    

2011-02-12 21.09.22.jpg

We had talked about checking out The Flop tonight, but somehow we ended up at Nikki’s Poker Room again. Maybe I can talk the others in our poker posse into trying a new place next time. Nikki’s is okay, but I really want to check out the other poker establishments in town. There are so many of them.

2011-02-12 21.18.33.jpg

Cory got knocked out first among our group. Brian was out next and I followed shortly after. April actually knocked me out. Boooo!

2011-02-12 21.06.58.jpg

April, Becca and Jay did pretty well. Becca and Jay did the best out of all of us. They both made the final table and Jay actually cashed.

2011-02-12 21.14.07.jpg

2011-02-12 21.31.24.jpg

So far, only Cory and Jay have cashed at Nikki’s. The rest of us have yet to place in the money. I’ve made the final table a couple of times, but somehow always fall short. Maybe next time I can take it down.

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