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Arrival in Tanjay City

Posted on October 18, 2009 by under Family, Travel.    


We only spent a couple of nights in Bohol. The first night at Alona Tropical in Panglao Island and then we moved to Chriscent Ville Hotel which is in Tagbilaran City, just a few minutes from the fast ferry pier. The accommodations were modest (as can be expected based on the room rates), but the service at Chriscent Ville was fantastic. Since we were busy sightseeing on Sunday, the concierge actually bought our Ocean Jet tickets for us and had them ready when we arrived back at the hotel that evening. Besides that, Chriscent Ville had free wireless internet so we were able to check email and upload some pictures over breakfast the next day. The hotel also arranged for a complimentary transfer to the pier. The location of the hotel isn’t great, the rooms were dated, and there is no view, but the customer service made up for everything.

We left Tagbilaran early on Monday morning and arrived in Tanjay around noon. We went straight to mom and dad’s house in Opao to drop off our bags and then went to Scooby’s for lunch. After a quickie lunch, we went to visit our family in Tabuc.

Opao and Tabuc are both in Tanjay. Opao, where dad is from, is located in town or lungsod; while Tabuc, where mom is from, is across the river. Incidentally, tabuk means to cross. LOL.


This is my grandfather. His name is Jose, but we call him Papang Joe. He is much thinner now than when I last saw him over a decade ago.

Papang Joe speaks English really well. I had hoped that he would be able to converse with Brian, but his hearing had deteriorated so much that he can barely hear anymore. Bungol na.

It had been almost twelve years since I had been back. I was so overwhelmed with emotion upon seeing everyone, specially seeing Papang Joe so old and frail. He is 86 now. I also felt somewhat guilty for not being around all these years. I think Tito Ope cried a little bit, too.

Brian saw I was crying and asked why. After I explained it to him, he asked me why I wasn’t over there talking to my grandfather. “He can’t hear me,” I replied and we both laughed. LOL.


This is a photo of me with my grandmother. Her name is Maria, but we call her Mama Iyay or Yayicks. 🙂

I felt guilty for my last words to Mama on our last visit in 1998. It was during the month of July and we stayed for a month at that time. However, after two weeks I was ready to leave because I was so tired of the heat. We stayed at Mama Iyay and Papang Joe’s house and they have no AC.

I was young and impulsive and I had told her that I hated it there and I would never return. “Dili na ka mo balik?” she asked. I told her, rather insensitively, I’d probably return if someone died. It made her cry. I had no idea then, but I understand now how much that hurt her.

Having lost both of my paternal grandparents this year (Mama Priscilla in March and Papa Osing in August) and not seeing them at all in the years leading up to their passing, I know now how much it means to Mama Iyay to be able to see us. I want to visit as much as I can because Mama Iyay and Papang Joe are getting older each day. I don’t want to have the same regrets. Boy, I’m getting sentimental in my old age.

We did visit the cemetery where Mamang and Papang are but visiting graves is not the same as visiting the living, who are able to hug and hold you and look at you with joy in their eyes. Though, I must say, Papang Joe didn’t recognize me at first. It wasn’t until our second visit to Tabuc that he realized who I was. LOL.

Parting this time wasn’t as doleful because I knew that we’d return in a couple of years. That is a promise I intend to keep.

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