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Kansas City Marriott Downtown

Posted on September 7, 2009 by under Travel.    

Initially Brian and I only planned on spending one night in Kansas City. We had made reservations at Harrah’s North Kansas City several months ago for Sunday night because I’m too cheap to pay for Friday and Saturday night stays and Brian and I don’t gamble enough to get our rooms comped.

Luckily, I found out that I have enough points for a couple of free nights at Marriott. We selected the Kansas City Marriott Downtown because it is within walking distance of the Power & Light entertainment district and about 10 minutes from Harrah’s. Neither Brian nor I had been to Power & Light before, so we figured this would be a great opportunity to check it out.



Our room (#1405) faced Lyric Opera and had a good view of the city.



The hotel itself was okay. The bed was comfortable and they gave us plenty of pillows. The only downsides were no free internet and no free parking. Parking cost $13 per day ($18 for valet parking). At least our room was free so our bill only came to $110. Though, I think having to pay for parking is a rip off. I guess parking is a premium in downtown Kansas City so they can get away with that stuff.

Lilly’s Restaurant, inside the Marriott hotel, is a rip off also. The food is not that great for the price you pay. And the breakfast buffet costs $13 per person, but it’s just like what you get at Courtyard for $8.

On Saturday afternoon the entire hotel had to be evacuated because of a fire alarm. Brian and I walking back from Cosentino’s Market when we found a firetruck and all of these hotel guests and wedding attendees outside the hotel and across the street. We were relieved that we weren’t in our room at the time the alarm went off because it would’ve been horrible to have to come down all those steps.

It turned out to be a false alarm so, after being made to wait outside for a while, the hotel let everyone back in. Brian and I joked that it might have been someone who was against one of the weddings (there were several going on at the hotel that day), but was too chicken to say something during the ceremony. Actually, we weren’t sure what it was really, we were just grateful that we could return to our hotel room.

So we stayed at the Marriott on Friday and Saturday night, and then we checked out on Sunday morning and moved to Harrah’s North Kansas City where we spent Sunday night. I’ll post some highlights of our weekend on the next blog entry. Stay tuned.

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