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Mr. Scott With Computer

Posted on June 18, 2009 by under Movies.    

This is my favorite scene from Star Trek: The Voyage Home. Mr. Scott is so funny. Another funny scene occurs right at the beginning of the movie.

CAPT. KIRK: How long to re-fit?

MR. SCOTT: Eight weeks. But you don’t have eight weeks, so I’ll do it for you in two.

CAPT. KIRK: Do you always multiply your repair estimates by a factor of four?

MR. SCOTT: How else to maintain my reputation as a miracle worker?

CAPT. KIRK: Your reputation is safe with me.

It cracked me up because it is so Brian. I think Brian took pointers from Mr. Scott. He does this sort of thing — overestimating completion time frames — at work all the time. Sorry I outed you, babe. =P

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  • Replies to "Mr. Scott With Computer"


    Jennifer Cannady  on June 19, 2009

    How weird! I was JUST thinking about that today. That scene and the one where Scotty ‘talks’ to the computer through the mouse.

    Are you a trekkie????


    Ching  on June 19, 2009

    Probably Trekkie in training? No. I don’t think we are Trekkies. Love the Star Trek franchise, though. Brian is a huge sci-fi nut.


    I Have Been Assimilated : Life After Marriage  on July 4, 2009

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