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New Friends from Minnesota

Posted on November 21, 2022 by under Community, Pickleball.    

I met another one of my Facebook friends in the flesh last weekend. Mang and Sou Vang were on a road trip to visit family and decided to come through Wichita on their way back to Saint Paul (Minnesota).


They asked me where I would be because they wanted to play pickleball. It was too cold to play outside so I told them I would be at the Pickle Club and they actually came! They signed up for guest accounts and added themselves to open play and everything! With the addition of the two of them, we had quite a few people for open play that day. It was awesome!


If you have not been to check out the Pickle Club, you should. It’s in the former Nahola facility so you know that the lighting is great and the court spacing is perfect. It is hands down one of my most favorite places to play. The only down side is that it is so far from my house.

Anyway, I’ve had some conversations with Mang on Facebook so it was wonderful to finally meet her in real life. Her husband and two girls are lovely as well. I hope I can make it out to Minnesota next year and play with their group. Until then, see you at the courts! GNG.

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