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Nahola Farewell Party

Posted on March 2, 2022 by under Community, Pickleball.    

Stopped by Nahola after work on Monday for free open play. I initially wasn’t going to be able to come because Kayla said it was 3p to 6p but then she said I should swing by anyway because they’ll probably be there until 9p.

When I arrived I found Noi, Chris (Heck), Kayla, and Kimberly playing on one court and some others who I didn’t know very well on another court. I think I got maybe three games in before we stopped playing at 6p. The most memorable one was the last game with Chris against Bob and JB. I hit three ATPs in one game. I think that’s the most ATP winners I’ve ever hit in a single game. I found it fitting that on my last game on the very last day of play at Nahola I hit three ATPs because Nahola is where I actually first learned to hit these on purpose.

Play stopped at 6p because people started arriving for the farewell party. I think that’s what Kayla meant by saying they’d be there until 9p that night. I didn’t have to be at Chicken N Pickle until 8p so I hung out for a bit and took some pictures.


I didn’t even know I was on the slideshow on the TV until I was looking at this pic on my phone after I got home.


It was a lovely farewell party with some of the OG Nahola members.


I made a short video of some of the pictures and videos we took on Monday night and some of the old pics I already had in my phone from before.

I will really miss this place. Nahola brought so many amazing people into my life who I would have never met otherwise. I’ve really enjoyed my year and a half as member. My only regret is that I didn’t find Nahola eight years ago when they first opened. At least I now have pickleball and all of these wonderful friends I’ve made. And, though we no longer have the physical space of Nahola, we will be forever connected by the bond of friendship and our collective love for the sport.

Until next time, GNG.

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