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Today was a Day of Running Errands

Posted on April 24, 2009 by under Life, Wishlist.    

A vacation day spent running errands is not the most relaxing way to go, as vacation days go. We didn’t have much of a choice, though, because Viega stole last weekend away from us. That, and the tag office isn’t open on weekends.

There's already a line!?

We got up this morning about the same time that we would have, had we both gone to work. Our first stop was the tag office. We got there well before they opened, but there was already a line outside the building. However, we were number six in line so we actually got out of there pretty quickly. We didn’t have to wait long at all.

We finished with enough time to stop by the Entercom office next door and say hi to Sunny. She was nice enough to give us a tour of the place and also let me take pictures, my absolute favorite thing to do.





Our next stop was Eddy’s Toyota for an oil change. We browsed the car lot while we were waiting. Brian and I ended up falling in love with a 2009 Camry Hybrid with all the bells and whistles. It had a sunroof, built-in navigation system, CD changer, heated leather seats, and Bluetooth compatibility, along with all the other standard options.






Test driving the car only made Brian want the Camry even more. I swear I think they make you wait a long time on purpose so that you are tempted to buy a new car.

Actually, part of the reason for the long wait was because there is some kind of part that is malfunctioning in my car that is making the check engine light come on all the time. We have to take the car back on Monday so they can fix it. Incidentally, we never had problems until they messed up my car last year.

I watched this old woman kneel down and pray the rosary as she was waiting for them to finish working on her car. After all that we have been through at Eddy’s, I probably should have been doing the same thing. Thankfully, Bebot is still under warranty so they are replacing the part and repairing the car for free. As they should, considering that they might have caused the problems to begin with. =P


Our next stop was the Borders at New Market Square, where we waited for @stephiem. I had ordered a couple of necklaces from her. We got there too early so we decided to stop by the Eddie Bauer Outlet store. We really shouldn’t have because we ended falling victim to our impulses. We bought stuff we didn’t really need.

good luck getting to jimmy's egg

With the jewelry deal done, it was time for lunch. Our plan was to eat at Jimmy’s Egg. Unfortunately, the construction at Central and Tyler deterred us. Brian ended up driving back to New Market Square to eat at Chipotle.

We got done with lunch pretty quickly so we decided to stop by Hobby Lobby to spend even more money that we shouldn’t have. I really need to stay away from that place.

We then went to visit Tita Sol and Molly. They seem to be doing really well. Molly is as spoiled as ever. I’m so glad they have each other. While there we fixed Tita Sol’s internet issues, so she is online now.


After leaving Tita Sol’s place, we went to The Pink Boa to check out their wares. They were having a 20% “green” brown bag sale to commemorate their second anniversary. Unfortunately for me, everything I wanted was Art by Amy which they don’t discount. Bonnie was nice and gave me 20% off my “C” initial pendant, though, so I was able to save $4. I so love that store!

They have this really neat Art by Amy bracelet that I can’t afford. I mean, $150 is a bit much for a novelty bracelet. I really want it, though. Maybe someone will get it for me someday; if someone else doesn’t buy it first. I told Bonnie that if the bracelet is still there on my next visit to the store, I’m buying it.

Anyhow, that was our last stop for the day. It was about 5 pm by the time we arrived home. We might as well have gone to work. LOL.

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