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Posted on December 9, 2004 by under Life.    

Jen demanded that I update.  I really don’t feel like it to be perfectly honest.  I am stressed out, worn out and frustrated.

You know how sometimes you forget that God exists and then He thumps you on the head and goes, “I am watching YOU!”  I think I’m having one of those days (weeks? months?) ~ sigh.

As many of you know, Brian lost his job last week.  So we went from being DINK (Double Income No Kids – an acronym I picked up from David Johnson, Half of Reason, we were classmates last sem) to SINK (I’m hoping that ya’ll are smart enough to figure this out so I won’t have to explain what the letters stand for). Hopefully we won’t go from SINK to SUNK!  Sunk doesn’t stand for anything because I’m not as creative as Brian who then said, “Let’s pray we don’t become DUNK!”

Anyone who figures out what DUNK stands for gets a cookie (or donut, your choice).

By the way, since we are broke and all I decided I’m going to start selling crass t-shirts from and resell hosting. Some of the shirts are quite offensive (but that’s right up my alley, I like offending people) while others are downright hilarious!  The hosting is cheap and if you get hosting through us, I’ll give you permission to bug me 24/7. So help us out.

Oh, and those Google ads on the left are actually supposed to create some revenue.  I haven’t seen a check yet but that’s because you don’t click on them! Ugh!

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