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Final Dinner in Phoenix

Posted on March 2, 2021 by under Food and Drink.    

We were supposed to go to some place called Barrio Queen but due to a bit of miscommunication we ended up at BJ’s Brewhouse at the Desert Ridge shopping center. I didn’t mind it either way. I love Mexican food so I didn’t mind going to Barrio Queen. When we ended up at BJ’s, I was fine with it too. BJ’s is one of those reliable chains that has something for everyone. I think Karen was a tad disappointed because she wanted to go somewhere that we didn’t have in Wichita but we weren’t likely to get in on such short notice.

Besides we had a wonderful time at dinner. I got to meet her sister in law Martha (Ted’s sister), her husband George, and their daughter Kristen. They were lovely and it was nice of them to pick us up from our hotel and take us to dinner. And, I really appreciated them letting me tag along.

Here are some pictures of our food…





On the way back to our hotel after dinner, we drove through this area called High Street. It’s really neat with lots of interesting shops and restaurants. Other than that, we called it an early evening and spent the night packing and getting ready for the trip home. The weekend went by much too quickly.

Now that PPA Arizona is behind me, I’ve got my sights on APP Delray Beach Open in a few weeks. Brian will be traveling with me this time. I’m super excited and can’t hardly wait! Until then, GNG.

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