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Eastern-Inspired Furniture Online

Posted on February 14, 2009 by under Sponsored Post.    

Brian and I haven’t gotten much further on the home remodel because things keep coming up. For instance, he’ll be leaving for Germany in a couple of weeks. I doubt that I’ll do much work on the house while he is away. I have been doing lots of web-surfing for inspiration, though.

Recently I found LOMBOK, this online store specializing in Eastern-inspired furniture, lighting, and home accessories. LOMBOK has several stores in London and throughout the UK, but none in Wichita. Mostly, I visit their web site for inspiration.

I found the web site completely by accident while searching for lamps online. As you all know, we don’t have a lamp in the bedroom right now. I search all over town and all over the web for one that would be suitable, to no avail. I finally stumbled upon the LOMBOK web site and their wide selection of lamp shades.

They also have these cool woven laundry baskets and a similarly-fashioned log basket. The first laundry basket on the page and the log basket are made out of material called Vietnamese jungle string. They also have matching rectangular baskets made with the same jungle string material that are lined. They are beautiful, decorative storage options that you can use for just about anything. I was thinking these baskets would look great in our chocolate room. Of course, there isn’t any room right now. However, when we get done with the home remodel then we can begin moving some of the stuff out of the chocolate room and into other parts of the house and then decorating the rooms with various home accessories. We plan on pretty much keeping the same color scheme and going for a minimal look so the baskets would work anywhere really, not just the chocolate room.

Besides just lamp shades, baskets, and other home accessories, LOMBOK carries some beautiful furniture. They have this simple yet elegant “Malang” dining table made of teak. It is so Brian and I. Anyway, I really wish there was a LOMBOK store here so I can look to them for more than just inspiration. Perhaps a visit to London is in order.

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