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Wichita Corporate Challenge

Posted on September 1, 2019 by under Events, Hobbies.    


We didn’t do so hot on the Wichita Corporate Challenge this year but I got to play pickleball and had a ton of fun!

cornhole team Pickle Ball

I got to hang out with these fabulous people (from left: Jeremy, Frank, Tara, and Abby; below: my partner, Chris) for an afternoon, met some people from Pickleball Connection in real life, and made some new friends.

pickle ball team

One of the players I met at the event that day invited me to be on her team for a pickleball league at Chicken N Pickle. It just so happened that my Wednesday night Aqua Zumba class was ending and I would have Wednesday nights free. Anyway, the stars aligned because I’d not found a league that worked with my schedule until then. I decided to join at the very moment and now we’re on a team together. I am super excited to play in my first ever pickleball league. I hope it helps me improve my game. If nothing else, at least I’ll have something to do on Wednesday nights.

I just love how Pickleball Connection brings people together.

Speaking of Pickleball Connection, it’s amazing to me how a group we started on January 19 with just a handful of people has grown to almost 500. It’s actually much bigger than the Wichita Zumba group now. How awesome is that?


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