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2018 Wichita Corporate Challenge

Posted on September 7, 2018 by under Things to Do.    

I usually get super excited about the Wichita Corporate Challenge because it’s the closest that I’m ever going to get to competing in an Olympics type of event. Apparently, I was the only one super excited about it. LOL.

It was like we didn’t even try. And, deservedly, we didn’t place.


I’m not sure how they decided who would compete this year. It seemed very random to me. For instance, they didn’t have Isaac play in the ping pong event. That would have been a guaranteed gold for us.

Another thing I thought was weird was me being assigned to Cornhole. I normally compete in the bowling event. I have to admit, I was very confused about this at first. I didn’t understand why I got assigned to an even that I’d never ever competed in before, other than I think they really didn’t have any other volunteers for it. Who knows? The weird thing is that even though I was competing in an event that I had absolutely no experience in, we actually managed to take third.


In the years I’ve been participating in the Wichita Corporate Challenge I had never earned a medal before. Go figure it’s an event that I absolutely have no training in. LOL. I was actually a little bit frustrated in the beginning because I knew I sucked at Cornhole. I thought there were others much better at Cornhole that should have represented our company and perhaps would have increased our chance of winning. See, I’m a team player. As much as I want to participate in events and play, if I know someone is better then I’m not going to take try and take their spot because I want our team to win.

Like last year for instance, I really, really, really wanted to compete in the ping pong event but I knew that we’d have a better shot with Amy so I was fine with not playing. And it was totally worth it because I got to watch her and Isaac win gold. They obliterated the field.

I was thinking I probably could have served the team better in the bowling event as opposed to Cornhole but I guess things happen for a reason. I never would have medaled in bowling. Everyone else in that event is amazing!

At least with Cornhole luck is much more of a factor. And, lucky for us, she was on our side that day.

* P.S. I realize that this post is a month overdue (the Wichita Corporate Challenge happened last month). I’m still trying to get caught up.

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