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My Zumba-filled Weekend

Posted on March 29, 2018 by under Movies, Zumba.    

Missy took an impromptu trip to Branson with her family last weekend so I got roped into subbing a couple of extra classes. Here are some pictures.


These were from Missy’s Friday night class at East YMCA.


Brynden outfitted her friends to match both of us. We were all in our Kingston Yah Wo Mon shirts that night.


These were the early birds at Amy’s 7:30 AM class also at East YMCA.


Brian was nice enough to get up early and help me set up. The stage at East is heavy and takes at least two people to move.

After class, I met Brian up at the dealership where we got our cars washed which actually went way faster than usual so we had time to grab a quick bite at Dunkin’ Donuts before my 10:30 AM class. Brian bought a couple of donuts to surprise grandma and then proceeded to kick her butt at Uno after lunch.

The rest of the evening was spent bowling with some of my Zumba girls (Alex, Amanda, and Rose) and then Brian and I finished off the evening by watching Pitch Perfect 3 and Justice League. It was one of the busiest Saturdays (weekends) we’ve had in a good long time!

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