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Posted on March 22, 2004 by under Life.    

So much can happen in the span of a few days.

Very few are privy to the goings on of our day to day lives..  Only those people actually know the roller coaster of emotions that I’ve been feeling.  If you know what I we have actually done in the last couple of weeks, you’ll know why I’ve been so moody lately.  I hope that in a few weeks things will return to normal and I won’t have to put Brian through hell anymore.

Valentines weekend came and went without any serious hitches (unless you count the puking episode on Friday night/Saturday morning or getting sick with the sniffles over the weekend as hitches).  But on Tuesday night Brian and I had the biggest fight we’ve ever had.  It was horrible.  I will spare you the details because you will think that I am an evil, evil person..  I’m not going to argue with you there because I know that I can be.  And, believe me, I am ten times more so when I am angry.

Anyway, when I came to work on Thursday, I found this huge floral arrangement consisting of stargazer lilies, pink-tipped white roses and carnations.  It was beautiful!  I was told numerous times how fragrant and beautiful the flowers were but, of course, I was sick with a cold so I couldn’t really smell them.  I made sure that the flowers had plenty of water before I left work on Friday night so I hope that they make it through the weekend.  I would hate to find them all wilted when I return to work on Monday.

Brian and I made up, not because of the flowers, but because I finally came to my senses.  This morning we went to his grand parents to put their new computer together.  It’s Brian’s old one, the PIII Dell Dimension 4200 we had from about three years ago.  He decided to give it to them after their computer went kaput.  Anyway, Brian now has a 3 GHz P4 Dell Dimension 8300 because he just feels to compelled to better me (mine is only a 2.52 GHz P4; I bought it almost two years ago because I got tired of us having to share one computer — his — which for some reason was always malfunctioning for one reason or another).

After that we went to Healing Waters for our couples massage.  Brian had scheduled it several weeks ago as his Valentine’s gift to us.  We had massages (I’ve only had them at Sveta’s but Brian has had some at Sveta’s and one at Individually Yours where I got him a warm stone massage as a Valentine’s gift last year; my friend Ashley at work recommended Individually Yours because that’s where she gets her waxing treatments) before but this was our first time at Healing Waters.  It was so nice and relaxing!  We got in our comfy robes and nubby slippers, and hung out in the tea/book room while we waited for our massage therapists.  I’m not much of a tea drinker so I just drank water.  Brian didn’t like the orange-cucumber water they had available so he opted not to and just waited for the bottled water at the end of the massage treatment.  We had such a pleasant experience that Brian and I vowed we would just go to Healing Waters for all of our massage therapy in the future.

It was already 4:45 PM by the time we got out of there so we just headed to Thai Tradition for dinner.  I love that place but Brian isn’t a big fan of the food so we hardly ever go.  I love it because it’s the only fancy oriental restaurant in town.  You get Thai food but with a fine-dining atmosphere — I love it!  After dinner, we went to Best Cleaners to pick up Brian’s dry cleaning.  Holy smokes!  It was like $65!  I told him that was the craziest idea he’s ever had and to never do it again.  I mean, we could use the $65 towards another couples massage for crying out loud!

This one elderly lady who came in behind us at the dry cleaners was picking up a sweater that she had cleaned and when the cashier rang her up and told her to pay $5.99 she exclaimed, “$5.99??  It’s only a sweater!!”  I couldn’t believe her reaction after she had just witnessed Brian paying $65 for a few shirts and pants without even flinching!  But then, I think he should’ve flinched.  I can’t remember the last time I paid that much for dry cleaning!  My best guess would be about eight years ago when I used to wear a lot of vintage stuff..  I got these awesome coats from the DAV for like $5 each maybe (I know that they were less than $10 each for sure).  I went straight to Dillon’s after buying them to get them cleaned because they had this DAV smell and you really don’t know how long they’ve been collecting dust at the store..  The craziest thing — I paid more for dry cleaning than for the actual garments!

Our next stop was Best Buy where I bought Brian a couple of PS2 games (Jak II and Thirteen) for an “I’m Sorry” gift.  Ran into mom and dad who were buying a DVD player for Logan’s bedroom at their house (Logan doesn’t even live with them, mind you, they only watch him during the day and once in a while he will spend the night) among other things.  While there Brian found a desk (he wants a new computer desk to accommodate his dual monitor setup) and an office chair that he fell in love with.  I found a miniDV camcorder and this monster Maytag dryer with a drying closet for your flat-dry and and hang-dry clothes that I fell in love with.  Needless to say, we both high-tailed it out of there with just the two PS2 games before any more damage could be done.

I guess that’s all the news I can share for now..  It’s bed time!

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