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Happiness Is…

Posted on August 14, 2016 by under Events, Relationship.    

Happiness is… being able to spend time with your loves. This is a picture of me and Brian with our babies, Saki and Molly, taken last Sunday.


Happiness is… bowling a really clean game. Brian, Zach, and I were at the Alley on Monday night for the final night of our Summer Trios bowling league. It wasn’t a regular bowling night. It was awards/prize night but the Alley was nice enough to let us bowl for free that evening.

I’ve been bowling really crappy lately. My normal 160 average has actually decreased by almost 10 pins over the last year. I bowled the cleanest game I’ve ever bowled in a long time that night. Too bad it didn’t count.


Happiness is… celebrating your 14th wedding anniversary with your amazing husband. We didn’t make any major anniversary celebration plans this year for a couple of reasons. First, we spent a lot of money at ZINCON just a couple of weeks prior. Second, we had committed to several things over the weekend that we couldn’t get out of… But, as luck would have it, Brian and I were both able to take off work on Wednesday, our actual anniversary day, to do some celebrating.

Our anniversary celebration consisted of a day trip to TopGolf in Overland Park and riding around Country Club Plaza in Kansas City (just a few miles down the street) for some Pokémon hunting.


Brian has been wanting to go to TopGolf since last November when I told him about our team building event there. I’ve wanted to return too but we have been too busy to make a trip up to the Kansas City/Overland Park area. I’m glad we could finally make it happen last week.

It wasn’t until Monday when I brought the idea up to him and asked my boss Ginger for permission to take a vacation day on Wednesday. This was pretty spontaneous for a couple of people who plan everything weeks (and sometimes even months) in advance. This is as spontaneous as it gets for us, folks. I feel tremendously grateful and blessed that it all worked out.


Here are a few more pictures from our mid-week anniversary day trip.


The food at TopGolf is actually pretty good so we had lunch there while we were playing. I knew I hit it out of the park when Brian told me how much fun he had that day. “Thanks for suggesting this. I had a lot of fun. Did you?” he asked me. “Yes,” I replied. “Are you sure?” He asked again. I was like, “Just because I sucked at it doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun. I had a blast!”


Happiness is… coming up with great ideas every now and then. The best part for me is seeing Brian’s face and knowing how much fun he had on our little excursion. It has been a thoroughly fulfilling and joyful week.

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