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Back-to-Back Exams

Posted on February 17, 2004 by under School.    

I know I was stressed out last week because I had back-to-back exams so I thought I’d give you guys a recap.  I took my Accounting exam last Tuesday.  We got the exams back today and I missed three multiple-choice questions which ended up giving me a 91%.  The Marketing exam that I took on Wednesday, which I studied for while I was watching my recorded tv shows and playing poker (Brian did the button-clicking for me) online, I got a 100% (we got those back yesterday).  Only two people got 100% in the whole class, mind you!  Then my Microeconomics exam, the one that I was really stressing over because I didn’t have time to study for it so I had to miss my Accounting class which is right before it so that I could use that time to review…  Drum roll please…  Three people got 95.8%, the highest score, and I was one of the three!  Yay, me!  Tonight I’ve got another cram session for an exam in Management tomorrow…  But I figure, I do better when I cram so I’m not stressin’ over it this time.

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