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Pando Initiative

Posted on June 20, 2016 by under Events.    


We took some fun pics at the Pando Initiative 25th Anniversary Gala at the Wichita Scottish Rite Center. This event was a couple of weeks ago but I’m behind on the blog so I’m just now getting around to posting these.


Here’s a picture of our group.


Misty and Lindsay filled in for Dorian and Liz.


Brian and I were super tired from the day’s activities. I taught a couple of Zumba classes in the morning and then we had the CRC picnic in the afternoon. We were pretty beat but were both glad that we attended.


The event was super fun and included a performance by the world famous illusionist Reza. He was really entertaining and funny. You can check out videos of some of his illusions here.

A couple of instructors from Care to Dance also performed a tango. They started by making a dramatic entrance from the grand staircase and then danced their way to the stage. It was pretty cool.

Brian and I had a blast at the party despite being completely exhausted. I hope Karen invites us to attend again next year.

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