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My Office Makeover

Posted on October 10, 2015 by under Things to Do.    


Brian and Molly worked hard at converting the office from a two-person office (though it had been looking more like a junk trap of late) into a single-person office. He wanted me to have a nice office to work out of when I’m at home.


He did a great job. It actually looks way neater than my desk at work.


He snapped this pic of me when he came home on Thursday. He found me slaving away in the office. I don’t mind. It’s such a nice space. I feel like working all the time now – after work and on my days off.

Speaking of offices, I was told I may have to move offices at work so I can be closer to the project work area. While I don’t really mind leaving my fabulous view of the brick wall of AT&T, I am dreading having to move. I’ve accumulated a bunch of stuff over the years. I guess I better start downsizing. Time to “Konmari” my office at work.

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