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Mastering the Warm Up and Cool Down

Posted on September 1, 2013 by under Tips, Zumba.    



I pretty much followed Tony around on the final day of convention. On Sunday morning I had Ballroom Beatdown, which he and his wife Jessica presented. Then in the afternoon I had the warm up and cool down workshop.


Here are some of the bits I learned (or re-learned) that day…

For best results classes should begin with five to ten minutes of warm up. The warm up is designed to increase blood flow; raise the body’s core temperature; stretch your core or postural muscles; loosen the joints, ligaments, and tendons; and preview movements that will be used during the workout. By starting with a good warm up you can prepare class participants for the workout and decrease the risk of injuries.

A good cool down consists of five minutes of diminishing intensity and five minutes of stretching. Moderate to low activity in the cool down is designed to return the body to a normal state and create the ideal state for stretching the muscles used during the workout. Doing a proper cool down also helps to prevent muscular and cardiovascular injuries. Remember to stretch all of the muscle groups including neck, upper and mid back, deltoids, chest and arms, core, quads and hamstrings, gluteal and hip regions, calves, ankles, and shins.

    Some reminders…

  • Don’t lock your elbows or hyperextend the elbow joint
  • Keep core tucked in and spine in line
  • Control or avoid any major twist or torque in the core
  • Don’t let knees go over your toes when doing squats or lunges
  • Avoid twisting your knees away from the direction of travel
  • Select warm up music that is around 120-134 BMP
  • Avoid “dancy” movements in the warm up until your body is ready
  • Avoid long breaks between warm up segments
  • While the Zumba formula is still very important, it may be necessary to repeat movements or keep the same types of moves for different parts of the music to ensure that all of the appropriate parts of the body are properly prepared for the workout.

I’m going to try and incorporate all of these tips beginning with my playlist for Fall 2013. Saturday Zumba classes at Evergreen Park Recreation center start on September 21. Be sure to register for the 10-week session if you haven’t already. The cost is $24, or you can drop in for $3 a class. What a bargain!? See you all soon!

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