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Archive for the year 2002

Meeting Divina’s Fiance

Posted on November 19, 2002 by under Life.    

I finally got a chance to meet Divina’s fiance.  He’s a really beautiful person and he gave her a really beautiful ring.  There’s a slim chance of him selecting the wrong ring if you help him pick it out.  He’s only twenty-five (three years younger than Brian) but he is very mature for his age.  For instance, he has foregone the whole video-game addict pitfall to travel the world.  And well-travelled he is..  (Whoa!  I just sounded like Yoda.) 

He’s visited more places than I could even dream of and, to top it off, he and Divina are visiting the Philippines together next month.  She’s taking him to meet her mom in Tondo. I can’t say that I am not the slightest bit jealous.  I’ve been hoping to take Brian home to meet Mama Iyay for the longest time.  We were hoping that 2004 would be the magic year, but the forecast is grim.  Mom and dad are going home to Tanjay right after Christmas (December 26 is when their flight leaves, as a matter of fact) and they said that it will be another two years before they intend to return.  I hope they are not serious because their trip is technically in the realm of 2003 travels and two years from then is 2005. 

We were all really hoping that we all could fly home together as a family, as in go on the trip all at the same time.  Perhaps there is someway that we can classify this trip as still 2002, we can weasel a trip back in 2004 (even if it is during the later part of the year).

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Brian’s New Video Game

Posted on November 11, 2002 by under Games.    

Brian finally got his copy of GTA Vice City.  For someone who’s almost thirty, he’s still stuck on playing video games.  I hate that the game is so violent, but it is pretty good.  I’ll at least give it that. Brian has been waiting for the game to be released for a while, too.  Everytime a new shipment comes into Best Buy, the games sell out within minutes.  Almost even before they hit the shelves.  It’s insane.  I’d never thought a game could be this popular. I was at Best Buy last week looking for the 100 pack of Imation CD RWs that were on sale for $8 and asked them if they had the game.  None on the shelf, some in the back for rain checks.  Brian had a rain check, but they wouldn’t give it to me without the slip.  Desperate, we did some high speed munching at Applebee’s and headed out to Best Buy to purchase the game on Brian’s 30-minute lunch break. (Brian had the slip in his car, luckily enough.) It’s amazing what an ounce of determination can accomplish. Anyway, now that he’s got the game and the handy-dandy strategy guide in his greasy little hands, Brian keeps staying up till four in the morning playing it in the bedroom.  He purchased a controller extender specifically for playing his games in bed.  Sounds like something from the “you know you’re a gaming addict..” list.  That’s Brian for you.

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On Growing Old

Posted on November 4, 2002 by under Life.    

I think this might be what you’d call a post-birthday, post-Halloween depression.. Only a year has passed yet I feel so much older.  Perhaps it’s because so much has happened this year.  I mean, I got married and turned twenty-five all in the span of a couple of months. As if getting married weren’t enough to make one feel old, I’m actually half-way to fifty! I can’t imagine what thirty feels like. I guess I could ask Brian.  He’s almost there!  Ha! We just did a major redesign of his site, too! He had the idea, I did all the grunt work.  I don’t think I’ll ever get him to learn how to code HTML. ~sigh~

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Opposing Schedules

Posted on October 28, 2002 by under Life, Shopping.    

Amazingly, Brian and I survived our first week on opposing schedules. It’s really tough. Staying up, even just to 1:00 AM has started to take its toll on me. I couldn’t even imagine staying up until 3:00 AM as Brian does! That would just be unbearable. I would be beyond cranky. Anyhow, Jen kept me company most of last week. We hung out while I waited for Brian to come home on a couple of nights. There was one night last week that he was actually able to leave work at around 9:30 PM. That was kind of nice. He gets to leave at 10:00 PM tonight. What a treat!

The weekend has been quite eventful. Brian was off on Friday and I had to work. Blech! I got him some movie passes from work so he wouldn’t be bored. That day, he met his dad at Shooters for lunch and for pool. They ended up going to see The Tuxedo together. Dave, my father in-law, is a major Jackie Chan fan. I love Jackie Chan, but I’m content waiting for the DVD release. It was a major movie weekend for Brian because later that night, after he picked me up from work, we went to dinner and then watched White Oleander. On Sunday, we were back at the theater again for Ghost Ship. We watched it at the balcony so we had dinner right before the movie and through the previews and then I got to enjoy my mango margarita during the show. We’ve been so spoiled with watching movies at the balcony of the 13th Avenue Warren that we almost loathe watching movies in the regular theater these days. It’s just not same.

Brian had to work on Saturday so I spent most of the day with Jen. We went shopping at the mall. She bought me a pina colada smoothie from Orange Julius, we went to Victoria’s Secret to get my free Body by Victoria purse spray (Free with no purchase necessary — Can you believe it? I love these perks!) and I got a new chemise/nightie and I also got a blouse from A&F.

Lana Lang (Smallville) always wears it on the show and it was on sale for only $15-something so I absolutely had to have it. I also got two more of the long-sleeved shirts I like. I ordered the blue one through the A&F website and I was actually wearing it that day. The burgundy and the green ones were on sale at the store, so I ended up getting both the burgundy and the green ones also. I absolutely love that top and the only color that was available in my size when I ordered it online was blue.

After the mall Jen and I came home to start getting ready for her office’s halloween party. It was a lot of fun! The pictures are available online in the photogallery (check the links on the left) ~ if any of you care to see them.

I expected to be home around midnight because Brian gets off work around that time and I wanted to be home by the time he got home, but I ended up coming home much sooner than that. This guy that Jen has been crushing on at work left around 11:00 PM to go to another party and Jen wanted to go there so we agreed that she’d drop me off earlier so she could go to the other party also. I really wish that Brian could have been at the party with me. It would have been much more enjoyable with him there. Anyway, I guess this is all for now.. I have to start dinner in a few minutes, so that it’ll be done in time for Brian to arrive.

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