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Brian’s New Video Game

Posted on November 11, 2002 by under Games.    

Brian finally got his copy of GTA Vice City.  For someone who’s almost thirty, he’s still stuck on playing video games.  I hate that the game is so violent, but it is pretty good.  I’ll at least give it that. Brian has been waiting for the game to be released for a while, too.  Everytime a new shipment comes into Best Buy, the games sell out within minutes.  Almost even before they hit the shelves.  It’s insane.  I’d never thought a game could be this popular. I was at Best Buy last week looking for the 100 pack of Imation CD RWs that were on sale for $8 and asked them if they had the game.  None on the shelf, some in the back for rain checks.  Brian had a rain check, but they wouldn’t give it to me without the slip.  Desperate, we did some high speed munching at Applebee’s and headed out to Best Buy to purchase the game on Brian’s 30-minute lunch break. (Brian had the slip in his car, luckily enough.) It’s amazing what an ounce of determination can accomplish. Anyway, now that he’s got the game and the handy-dandy strategy guide in his greasy little hands, Brian keeps staying up till four in the morning playing it in the bedroom.  He purchased a controller extender specifically for playing his games in bed.  Sounds like something from the “you know you’re a gaming addict..” list.  That’s Brian for you.

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