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My Handsome Hubby

Posted on February 27, 2013 by under Vanity.    


I have most handsome snow shoveler in the whole wide world. Check out the matching shoes and gloves and snow shovel. I love you my sexy baby!

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Flip and Ching in Splurge! Mag

Posted on January 11, 2013 by under Vanity.    


Out of the plethora of events that we attended last year, not once did we get photographed by Splurge! Mag. Finally got our picture in the January 2013 issue. The photo is from when we attended the Brew Ha-Ha event at Flint Hills National back in November. It’s not a bad picture either.

Brian will be happy that we won’t have to attend so many events this year. LOL.

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Sunday Brunch Outfit

Posted on November 21, 2011 by under Outfits, Vanity.    

It was a little cold on Sunday, but I wore a dress to brunch anyway.

2011-11-20 10.10.31.jpg

I wore the orange version of this dress to B.B. King’s Restaurant & Blues Club when I was in Nashville. Except, I wore cowboy boots instead of my Frye Harness 12Rs. I was in Nashville after all.

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The funniest thing about the purple dress is that when we were leaving Brian’s grandparents’ place yesterday, we walked by this elderly woman who lived there and she really liked my dress. She was like, “I like your dress. Turn around for me so I can see it. It looks like a little girl’s dress.” LOL.

Anyway, here are some other pictures from brunch…

2011-11-20 10.42.24.jpg

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Click here for the food pictures.

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I Love Jeans Month

Posted on November 15, 2011 by under Outfits, Vanity.    

We are raising money for one of our coworkers so we get to wear jeans pretty much all month. All we have to do is pay a dollar for each jean day. I’m loving it because then I can be more adventurous with my work outfits. My typical work attire is generally pretty conservative. I pretty much just stick to dress pants and boring blouses. I’m not even that adventurous when it comes to colors. I wear lots of blacks, grays and browns. LOL.

2011-11-14 20.18.33.jpg 2011-11-15 07.22.37.jpg

The photo on the left was my work attire on Monday. I wouldn’t normally wear something like this, but Brian convinced me that it was okay. I’m glad I listened to him because I actually got compliments.

The photo on the right was what I wore today. I was going for the equestrian look. LOL. I actually didn’t even put the outfit together in my mind until I was in the shower. I’m glad everything fit. I was mostly worried about the J.Crew boots that I’ve had for like eight years. They used to be quite snug around my calves. I usually wore them with skirts. Thankfully, my calves have shrank enough that I can now wear them over skinny jeans. Woot! That really made my day.

2011-11-15 11.20.00.jpg

Brian came to see me at lunch today. It was a nice treat because we rarely see each other over lunch anymore. There’s not really been a point since I’m just drinking shakes for lunch. I just end up drinking my shake at my desk and working through lunch most days. Lame, I know.

2011-11-15 11.37.09.jpg

2011-11-15 11.21.21.jpg

I just had a shake again today so we pretty much just spent our lunch hour goofing around and taking photos of each other. LOL.

2011-11-15 11.22.48.jpg

2011-11-15 11.24.52.jpg

2011-11-15 11.25.44.jpg

2011-11-15 11.30.19.jpg

2011-11-15 11.37.49.jpg

2011-11-15 11.42.55.jpg

2011-11-15 11.43.50.jpg

2011-11-15 11.46.52.jpg

We got a little carried away with the photos. LOL.

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Ching’s New Old Dress

Posted on November 13, 2011 by under Free Stuff, Outfits, Things to Do, Vanity.    

2011-11-11 19.20.39.jpg

Mom gave me this dress last week. It’s sooo cute! I don’t think it’s very flattering on me since I have no boobies to speak of, but I wore it anyway. It was perfect for salsa night. Thank you for the dress, mom!


Several people from Zumba came to join us.



Even Misty said she had a great time.


Gina Ann was awesome. She led us through a Pegate line dance. LOL.


Brian and Stephanie. There are a few other photos in my Flickr stream. Check them out or, better yet, come join us next Friday!

P.S. Brian and I learned some new moves we are dying to show off. 😉


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