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Un Cuento Divertido

Posted on October 29, 2012 by under Life, Spanish.    

A friend of mine at work today brought over a card to sign for one of our coworkers who will be celebrating their 35th service anniversary on Wednesday.

ME: Wow! Can you believe it? 35 years is a long time. That’s awesome!
AMY: I know! WE weren’t even born yet!
ME: What is this WE stuff? You weren’t, but I was!
AMY: Cherrie! You’re not 35?! Are you? (I think she might have said something like, “You’re not THAT old!” LOL.)
ME: Today I’m not, but tomorrow I am.

I told Amy she made my day for thinking that I’m younger than I really am. LOL. Incidentally, one of our exercises in Spanish class today was to tell a funny story. Past tense is still a major challenge for me because there’s preterite and imperfect, so it took forever for me to relay this short funny story. I had to stop and translate everything before I could say it. What would have taken a minute to tell took five. We got through it though, and amazingly enough, my partner Angela understood most of the story despite my broken Spanish.

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Ching is on a Foreign Films Kick

Posted on March 11, 2012 by under Movies, Spanish.    

As you can recall, I got into some Swedish films a while back around the time that the American adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo came out. I watched all three Swedish films in the series pretty much back to back right before we saw Daniel Craig’s film. These days I’m into Spanish language films. I figured that it’s a great way to practice Spanish.

I recently watched Guillermo Del Toro’s El Orfanato (the regular DVD version is actually only $5 on Amazon) based on a friend’s recommendation and thoroughly enjoyed it. I noticed that I could follow along pretty well even without the English subtitles. That’s what got me the idea of watching Spanish language films for practice. I got several really good recommendations from friends on Facebook and have added most of them to my Netflix queue. I’m really excited.

A couple of titles were mentioned that I had already seen before, but I wouldn’t mind watching them over and over again so I went ahead and bought them. One is my absolute favorite Guillermo Del Toro film, El Laberinto del Fauno. The other is Volver, which is Jenni’s favorite. I’m really looking forward to watching both movies again, as it has been a while since I’ve seen them.

The other day I watched Silent Light, which I thought was really great for learning to speak Spanish because it had Spanish subtitles. It helps to read the words and see the action. The movie was pretty good, but I wouldn’t really care to watch it again. I didn’t really care for the director’s style, which was to drag out all of the scenes. It made the movie progress very slowly. I think other people would have been bored and given up. Were it not for my desire to learn Spanish, I probably would have gotten bored as well. Brian probably would have complained the entire time if he were watching it with me, so I’m kind of glad he wasn’t.

Don’t get me wrong. The movie had a pretty profound message and it was filmed beautifully. I just didn’t care for the style. I also thought it was kind of weird. There was a sex scene between Johan and his mistress Marianne that left me wondering if people really had intercourse that way or just the Mennonites. Then there was the scene at the end where Marianne kisses Esther’s corpse on the lips and the dead body slowly comes back to life (because all the scenes drag out for several minutes). I was like, “She did not just kiss that dead body!” I know it’s a metaphor. I get it! But understanding the movie’s message doesn’t make it any less weird. LOL.

The Motorcycle Diaries came highly recommended, so I guess I’m watching that next. IF you guys have other Spanish language films that you think I should see, please be sure to post them in the comments. I always love getting movie suggestions.

By the way, now that I’ve found this web page I’ll probably start blogging in Spanish for practice. I’ve already started posting Spanish status updates on Facebook, but without putting the proper symbols above the letters. So far the response from my Spanish-speaking amigos has been quite positive and has given me the confidence to take the plunge and start blogging in Spanish occasionally. Thank you so much to you, dear reader, for your support, encouragement, and patience as I try to learn this new language. ¡Hasta luego!

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