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Fourth of July – Fireworks

Posted on July 10, 2011 by under Life.    

After our dinner at Bertucci’s, we figured that we were too late to get a good spot on the Esplanade for the Boston Pops performance and fireworks so we thought we might be able to watch the fireworks from the hotel. Upon returning to the hotel, however, we realized that we wouldn’t be able to watch the fireworks from the fifth floor pool patio because of how the Charles River bends. We found out from one of the hotel staff that if we just walked along the river a little ways then we would get a good view of the fireworks. His definition of good was more like just okay for me. Either that or his definition of little ways was a lot farther what we had actually walked. =P


Unfortunately, most of us were tired from the day’s activities (Sam Adams Brewery and Fenway Park). Mama Dill, for one, couldn’t walk too far so we were on the other side of the Boston University Bridge, just past the Hyatt Regency (before the Harvard Bridge). We saw the fireworks okay but I think, if I were to do it again, I would spend the day camped out at the Esplanade. We could just bring a sack lunch or some delicious confections from Mike’s Pastry or something. LOL.




I think Brian and I were in shape enough to walk from our hotel to MIT (about 30 minutes on a brisk pace) — just past the Harvard Bridge, in front of the big dome, would have been a really good spot. That would have been too long of a walk for the others, though, because it would have been at least an hour of walking round trip. In hindsight, we could have taken the T from Central Square to Kendall/MIT and then just walked a short distance to the river. The four of us (Jay, Becca, Brian and I) had our 7-day MBTA pass, but all MBTA fares were free that night in celebration of Independence Day so Jeff and Mama Dill wouldn’t have had to pay. Oh, well. You live and learn.

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