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Trip to Peabody

Posted on June 3, 2006 by under Life, Sex.    


The drive up to Peabody was nice and peaceful. I had forgotten how much I liked highway driving. Of course, Brian was driving and I was merely a passenger this time but you know what I mean.

We decided to take a drive to Peabody to check out what the town was like and if it would truly viable for us to move there. Even though the free land sounded like a whale of a deal, there were several glaring disadvantages.

The first and most important one being, there is absolutely no cellphone signal in Peabody. Despite this, however, Brian and I still almost talked ourselves into moving forward with the plan.

The second disadvantage is the nearly hour-long drive to get there from Wichita. I had orginally guesstimated (yes, I know this isn’t a real word; bite me) about 30-45 minutes based on the distance, but this is not actually the case when you’re driving.

It took us almost an hour to get there and this on a day with no traffic, no construction and good weather. Imagine what it will be like under unfavorable conditions. Also, that’s only one way. If we were to live there and continue to work in Wichita, it would involve a two-hour commute each day.. and a lot of patience! Granted the drive to and from will be relaxing, but staying in bed an extra hour and a half is much more so.

The town itself is not that bad. It reminded me a bit of Starshollow. Which brings me to the third point, there is absolutely nothing to do there. There’s a small grocery store (smaller than most Kwik Shops), a small bowling alley (about the size of the one in Rhatigan Student Center at WSU but only more antiquated), a pub called The Hub (they actually had live entertainment on some nights so it looked kind of promising as small town bars go) and a Carnegie library (a lot smaller in size than your average Wichita bookstore but it boasts being the first free public library in Kansas).

Brian and I half-joked (I say half-joked because we did seriously consider the prospect for about two seconds) about going to Montana Mikes in Newton for date nights if we moved to Peabody. The rest of the date would be spent having outdoor sex in the outskirts of town, finally making one of my long-time fantasies a reality. But then, we could always drive to Peabody to have outdoor sex anytime. A lifetime of date nights spent at Montana Mike is a huge price to pay to fulfill a fetish.

A note to Kansas entrepreneurs, Brian and I actually discussed (over breakfast at Sharon’s Korner Kitchen; incidentally this is probably the best breakfast I’ve ever had) opening up a drive-in movie theater. There are no movie theaters in Peabody so it would give residents something to do. We thought about placing it near Peabody and Newton to maximize profit but then we decided to nix the idea because we figured we wouldn’t have time to save enough capital and we couldn’t borrow the money because we wouldn’t be able to make the payments. We couldn’t really forsee making a ton of money of the venture because Newton folks just drive to Wichita for entertainment anyway. We might make enough to make ends meet but probably not enough to pay our loan premiums. We just figured it would be something nice to do for the town of Peabody.

The bottom-line is that the whole idea of moving to Peabody in a couple years has been pretty much squashed. However, we did find out that the homesteading thing is happening all over the United States. There is free land everywhere. While this may be the end of the line for Peabody for us, it’s merely the beginning of our prospecting and speculation.

So who knows? In a few years, we may be moving to a small town near you. 😉

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Replies to "Trip to Peabody"


Jen  on June 3, 2006

There’s a reason everyone that doesn’t live in Peabody calls it Urineville. The school system sucks too.
At least if you are going to pick a small town, pick someplace else.
Marion is a little busier, but still a crappy commute. At least they are putting in a huge indoor pool complex and have some neat summer festivals.


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