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More Pics from Wamego

Posted on June 18, 2011 by under Free Stuff, Travel.    

Brian and I saw this sign off the highway about free wine tastings at Oz Winery so we decided to go check it out. That’s actually what brought us to Wamego. LOL.


2011-06-12 12.19.25.jpg

2011-06-12 12.08.30.jpg

2011-06-12 12.14.37.jpg

Oz Winery is a neat little winery located in downtown Wamego.


There’s also Vin Vivante down the street. This is a picture of Brian with the proprietor.

2011-06-12 12.37.32.jpg

Wamego reminds me of Peabody. Brian and I went on a daytrip there a few years ago when we saw on TV that they were giving away free land. LOL.

I just love checking out small towns. There’s always a pleasant surprise. In this case, the free wine tastings were a bonus!

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