More Christmas Photos

Christmas 2004

A Gift for Jen


Logan and Ching Ching

Logan, Brian and Jude


Christmas 2005

Brian and Ching


Ashley and Isa

I think 2005 was the only year that we didn’t spend Christmas Eve at my parents’ house. This is because they had just returned from a trip to the Philippines and weren’t ready for company. Brian and I spent the evening with Kuya Dominic and Ate Jane and their family. Brian was working at LSI with Kuya Dominic at the time. Diddy, one of their coworkers was there too.


Christmas 2006

Photos from Christmas Eve…

Photos from Christmas Day…

Next time we’re going to see pictures from Christmas 2007. Stay tuned!

NOTE: Click here for the first installment of old Christmas photos and here for some other ones.

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