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Ching’s Productive Day Off

Posted on November 13, 2010 by under Health, Life, Tips.    

Brian says I don’t know how to relax. He’s probably right. Instead of sleeping in on Thursday, like a normal person, I ended up getting up early just as though I was still going to work that day. I packed my day with appointments out the kazoo. I’m surprised I didn’t wear myself out.

My day started out with earning the mayorship at Kellogg Clinic where I’m getting laser hair removal done. Misty and I participated in a really awesome Groupon deal where you get three hair removal sessions for only $99. The sessions are normally $150 each, so it was a HUGE savings. I ended up getting two Groupons (the maximum you could buy for yourself under this deal), thinking that I could use all six sessions on my underarms. It turns out that you have to use each Groupon on a different body part. It makes sense because then you have to buy additional sessions to get the desired results.

Misty and I are both doing underarms and bikini. We’ve used up our underarm sessions and the results have been pretty amazing. We’re both thinking that we didn’t really have to go anymore. Except, I still have a few little hairs left and I think that maybe two or three more sessions should do the trick. It’s quite expensive, though, and with our Vegas trip coming up, it might just have to wait for now.

I started my bikini laser hair removal the other day. The downside of the bikini (aside from the fact that it hurts like hell – I don’t know how Misty does it – I don’t think I could ever get used to that pain – I thought it hurt 10X more than when he did my underarms) is that it’s normally $200 a session, so there is a $50 up charge each time. This is on top of the $99 that you’ve already paid for the Groupon (I really wish I would have known this because it makes a difference for a tightwad like me). Although paying $249 for three sessions of laser hair removal that usually costs $600 still gives you almost 60% savings.

Another downside is that, while getting additional sessions on my underarms is optional, additional sessions on my bikini is pretty much guaranteed. Brian told me that his coworker’s daughter who had her laser hair removal done at the same clinic went for 15 sessions before she was done. She didn’t use any Groupons, so she actually spent $3000 on it. She’s a professional volleyball player so she’s getting a lot of mileage out of it. For me, I’m just thinking that I could save a lot of money by not going to get my bikini waxed anymore. I think I spend about $2000 a year on waxings, a fourth of that on bikini. Since I’m cheap and usually stretch out my bikini waxings to eight weeks or more, I only go about five times a year on average (unless I’m going on a trip which prompts an extra waxing visit, but then I usually get my entire body waxed at that time). I’m guessing that I’ll need at least 10 more sessions after my first three so I’m estimating a payback period of five years on this kind of investment. I think it’s a wise decision, but coming up with the money to do it is a whole other endeavor. Maybe I need to start selling some magazines or having bake sales (Brian will do the baking, otherwise it won’t be edible) or start up a collection or something. Don’t worry, I won’t pretend to have cancer or anything. LOL.

So anyway, after my laser hair removal, I went straight to my teeth whitening appointment at Wichita Family Dental. This was another Groupon deal. What can I say? I’m a Groupon junkie. It’s sad because every time a Groupon comes out (which is everyday except on weekends, btw, for those of you unfamiliar with it), I find myself thinking “Can I use this?” because I really, really want to get in on it. So beware. Once you get started, it’s very addictive.

2010-11-11 10.11.38.jpg

Speaking of Wichita Family Dental, I was very impressed with their office. Even though they’ve been at this location (which is within walking distance from our place, btw) for about ten years, the place still looks new. The interior and exterior are clean and nice, but that’s all pretty blasé. What impressed me most is that the dental assistants used iPads for patient charts. How high tech is that?

2010-11-11 10.14.40.jpg

They also had flat screen monitors at every station so that you could look at your teeth photos and x-rays while you’re laying in the chair. I’m thinking now that they might even be able to play The Office on Hulu while you’re getting a root canal or something. How cool would that be? Brian is going with me today when I return for a cleaning and follow-up appointment. This way he can check out the place himself. Only nerds like us would be impressed with this stuff. LOL.

After the dentist, I spent a couple of hours getting pampered at Beau Monde. I hadn’t had a facial in a long time so I had scheduled it last month. I had gotten a $50 gift card from my in-laws for my birthday which I was thinking I would put toward my facial initially when I thought I was going to get a cheap $30 pedicure with Darcy. She bailed on me to spend the day with her beau, though.

I was pretty much left to my own devises. I didn’t want to have to leave Beau Monde and drive elsewhere for my pedicure after my facial and I had that gift card so I decided to splurge. The $30 pedicure turned into $48 (after my 10% discount, because I’m a bargain-hunter even when I splurge; although the discount didn’t even cover gratuity because I gave her $10 – blech).

2010-11-11 13.57.37.jpg

I really prefer Samantha at Beau Monde, but she only works on weekends. You can get a good deal on last minute appointments if your schedule is flexible, though. If you check the Beau Monde web site on a day when you have some free time (in my case, I was off work on Thursday), they’ll usually post appointment times for the day that have not yet been filled and offer 10% off the regular price of the service to entice people to book.

Anyway, it turns out that the tech who did my pedicure actually worked with Brian at T-Mobile back in the day. They both worked there when it was still Voicestream. What a small world! We figured this out because Brian forgot to pack a lunch that day and so he came home on his lunch break. He stopped by Beau Monde on his way back to work. Brian who is awful at both names and faces wouldn’t have known any different had she not recognized him first.

The rest of my day was spent watching The Secret. It’s actually a book that they turned into a DVD. Jay loaned me the movie to watch a few weeks ago, but Brian and I have been so busy that I didn’t have a chance to watch it until the other day. Brian didn’t seem particularly interested so I watched it by myself. The funny thing is that I’d been doing some of the stuff they mention already without realizing it. After watching the DVD, though, I realized how powerful this knowledge really is. I know it works because I have two examples just from this week alone. First, I started to get sick last weekend and I willed myself better (this is before I watched the movie and before I realized that I was already using the stuff that they teach you) and then second, when I willed better weather last night so that Brian and I could go dancing.

It was yucky and rainy and all day and it’s the kind of weather that makes you want to stay in rather than go out. I told Brian that I would wish for better weather and that it will happen. Anyway, it was still raining a little bit when we got off work and went to his parents’ house for dinner. When it was time to go home, it had stopped drizzling. By the time I got ready to go out, it was a little chilly but actually nice enough that I could have worn a dress to the club if I wanted. By the time we got out of the club, it was nice (i.e. I probably could have walked to the car without putting my jacket on). It’s amazing that you can harness the power of the universe to make things materialize or come into fruition.

You all probably think this is hokey, and some of it is; but this truly is amazing and powerful stuff. So anyway, besides getting a lot of stuff done on my day off, I actually did some learning too. Imagine that. Oh, and to top it off, I got all of our laundry done in one day. Am I awesome or what?

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