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When It Rains, It Pours

Posted on November 4, 2012 by under Life.    

I have been so pampered this week! We started off with a haircut last Sunday. I usually only get my hair cut two or three times a year because it’s so expensive! I can get by because my hair is long and when it has lost its shape, I just start wearing it in a pony tail. LOL.

Since Maria left Planet Hair ten years ago, I’ve had such a hard time finding a permanent hair dresser. I don’t really change my hairstyle much so it’s so much nicer to have someone that you can rely on to give you the same consistent cut… But I go so infrequently that it hasn’t really mattered.

Anyway, for the past year I’d been going to Melissa at Charisma East because the salon was down the street from our townhouse. I had a thing about having my dentist, eye doctor, massage therapist, grocery store, etc. all within a five mile radius. Seriously. If we could have afforded to buy a house in the NE quadrant of Wichita, specifically North of 13th Street and East of Webb Road, I would have been completely ecstatic. I also liked Charisma because they sell and use Aveda products, which I love, love, love. Their Smooth Infusion line is amazing!

The main problem I had with Charisma is that they’re not open on Sundays. I would go on a Saturday but, between teaching Zumba, waxing and dental appointments, and errands, and life in general, I never have enough time.

I singed my hair on the fireplace a couple of weeks ago and finally couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to go get my hair cut. Lucky for me, Eric Fisher Salon is open on Sundays. They don’t use Aveda products, but I’d gone there a few times in the past and they’d always done a good job.

2012-10-28 11.25.56.jpg

The name of the stylist they set me up with is also Melissa. She goes by Mel, though. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when someone is going to do my hair, I always check out their hair and their overall style. If they have great hair and look stylish, I know I’m in good hands.

Brian and I got there early and so we were sitting on the bench upstairs, just waiting for my turn. I’d never met Mel before so I didn’t know what she looked like. As I observed all the hair dressers working that day do their work, I secretly wished that I would get this one girl with the short hair because I liked her fashion sense. Few people can make brown and black work. Fewer still dare to do it. Oh, and I absolutely loved her boots! I should have taken a picture of them.

Have I told you guys how effective The Secret is? Numerous times, I’m sure. Well, it worked. The woman I had been admiring from afar happened to be Mel. Anyways, I should have “Secreted” my way into a cheaper haircut because she happened to be a master stylist and charges $50 (total cost to me was $60 after gratuity). And here I thought $42, which is what Melissa at Charisma charges, was a lot. No wonder she can afford those boots! LOL.

2012-10-28 11.40.56.jpg

I joke but she actually did a really good job. She’s truly earned that master stylist title. She listened to what I wanted and cut my hair accordingly. I think this was the best haircut I’d ever gotten in a really long time. It’s been a tough few years looking for a permanent hair dresser, but I told Brian that day that I think I found the one. I liked her so much that I booked another appointment right then. I scheduled it for January 6, the Sunday before I leave for Phoenix.

Fast forward to Friday night. I got a coupon for a free shampoo and blowout at Beau Monde and decided to use it right before Brew Ha-Ha. I didn’t expect much, but Holly did such an amazing job. Brian and I only had $4 in cash between the two of us. I felt so bad. I almost wanted to pay for my free blowout (usually $28 or $35 depending on the length of your hair) just so I could tip more. She was that good!

I’m thinking that if she can do that to my hair, I bet she is an amazing hair dresser also. Oh, get this. She only charges $42 for haircuts and she gave me a 15% OFF coupon that expires on January 15. So I did what any sane crazy person would do. I canceled my appointment with Mel that I scheduled for January 6, and scheduled one with Holly for January 5 (Beau Monde isn’t open on Sundays). I figured that is far enough out that I can make sure I’m free that afternoon. LOL.

For a decade I’d been searching for “the one” and when it finally happens, I find two of them. Wild. Anyway, if Holly does as well as Mel when she actually cuts my hair in January I’m going with her for sure as my permanent hair dresser moving forward. First, I’m at Beau Monde every two to three weeks to see Patricia anyway. I practically live there. It will be so convenient to get my waxing and haircut on the same day at the same place. Second, $42 is a bargain compared to how much Mel charges and that will make my total cost $50 each time, which is a nice round number. I know, I’m weird. But round numbers are easier to work with when Brian and I do our budget.

Speaking of budget, massages were something that we had to cut out of the budget now that our housing and utility costs have doubled. Brian got me an epic massage at Sveta’s for my birthday this year, though. Gotta love birthdays. They only happen once a year so you must take full advantage whenever they come around. Just kidding. I actually told him that he didn’t have to get me anything. Although, I think he felt like he had to because I took him to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry for his birthday this year.

All jokes aside, Brian didn’t really have to get me anything because he’s already given me the best gift of all — his love. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me everyday of the year. You are the best husband ever. I love you, baby!

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