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I’d Like to Stay 33 Forever

Posted on October 30, 2010 by under Life.    


Brian and I had joked about throwing me a surprise birthday party this year. However, I’m a control freak so it ended up not being a surprise party. I wanted to pick the entertainment and help with the planning and everything. So we just had a regular party instead. It was a great excuse to get everyone together.

I got this idea from a friend to have Virginia Williams perform. She is simply amazing, and I can listen to her for hours and hours. Except, most of her songs make me want to cry. I think maybe we’ll hire a karaoke DJ for the next party instead. Except, Brian absolutely hates karaoke. LOL.

I think one of the coolest but most awkward moments of the evening was when Virginia asked me to sit on her lap while she sang Happy Birthday a la Marilyn Monroe. Virginia has this sensual way about her… For a brief moment, I almost forgot my sexual orientation. LOL.

Doug and Tammy Nixon, Jim Zachary, Melanie McMillan, Roy and Bonnie Hull


Roy and Bonnie were the best-dressed couple of the evening. Actually, they’re always the best-dressed couple at every event I’ve ever seen them in. They’re just cool like that. They’re my idols. 😉

Misty and Jeanne

IMG_2905 IMG_2906
With Jenni (left) and Vivian (right)

With Sunny Wylde

Somehow Tallboy is still almost taller than me kneeling down…

Kathy, Sunny and Kurt

With Mom, Tita Esper and Janet

The Nixons

Our best buds April, Becca, Chad and Jay

Mike took most of the pictures and videos…


I think Becca really liked my Sangria. I think everyone liked my Sangria, actually, because there was nothing left. Darcy and Bobbie drank the last of it. 🙂

Armando Allison, Jennifer Teves, Jenni and Me

Because we’re nerds, we ended up playing Guitar Hero in the theater room after everyone left. The theater room actually saw a lot of action that night. I heard there was a couple (who shall remain nameless) who got caught making out. 😉

More pictures here

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