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Triple Celebration

Posted on October 19, 2008 by under Family, Flickr, Food and Drink, Life.    







We met at Carrabba’s for lunch today for a triple celebration: grandpa Clark’s 91st birthday, grandma and grandpa’s 67th wedding anniversary, and my 31st birthday. Since the events all happen in October (grandpa’s birthday and their wedding anniversary are both on the 12th and my birthday is on the 30th), we usually just get together for one big celebration.

This year it was even more important to celebrate early because Brian and I will be out of town on the day of my birthday. We will actually be aboard the Carnival Conquest tendered in Grand Cayman on that day.

Lunch today was a blast. Our party of 12 consisted of David, Donna, grandpa Clark, grandma Betty, Chad, Chad, Jay, Becca, Cory, April, Brian and myself. I think everyone had a good time. Joe stopped by our table and talked with grandma and grandpa a bit. I think they really liked that.

After our meal, they brought us complimentary desserts. Joe had them bring a full-sized dessert for each of us — grandpa, grandma, and me — and even an extra one for everyone else to share (we had two sogno di cioccolatas and two dessert rosas to share). The desserts were yummy!

As if that weren’t enough, Joe comped grandma and grandpa’s meals. We were really confused at first when they brought our ticket. Brian found the mozzarella sticks, the calamari, carafe of sangria, and our meal on there but couldn’t find grandpa’s meal.

We had agreed beforehand that Brian’s parents would pay for grandma’s and then we would take grandpa’s. Brian was worried that both meals ended up on David and Donna’s ticket by mistake. So he checked theirs and didn’t find grandma’s meal on there either, that’s when our server came by and explained that Joe had comped the two meals. We thought that was way cool of Joe and totally unexpected.

Carrabba’s rocks and Joe is the best!

Carrabba's Italian Grill on Urbanspoon

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