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My First “Smash” Cake

Posted on October 30, 2010 by under Babies, Poker.    


Since I turned 33 this year and we’re both poker nerds, we decided to get a “Pocket 3s” birthday cake. For those of you who are unfamiliar with our poker lingo, a pair of 3s is also called Ponderosa, which is why we came up with the title “Ponderosa Party” for the event.

The term “Ponderosa” for pocket 3s was actually coined about six years ago back when Brandon and LeBlanc used to live at Ponderosa Apartments down the street from T-Mobile. It was funny because we’d squeeze 30+ people into their one bedroom apartments. For seating, they’d roll a couple of the round tables from the T-Mobile break room and borrow some of the break room chairs as well. Whenever we were done, we’d return them so that things were back to normal the next day and no one would be the wiser. Although, I suspect that a couple of chairs got misplaced and didn’t make it back.

At these poker games at Brandon’s or at LeBlanc’s (whoever was hosting that night), pocket 3s seemed to always win no matter what they were up against. I’d lost count of how many times pocket 3s cracked aces by making a set or straight or flush. Since they always won at the Ponderosa Apartment poker games, we dubbed the hand “Ponderosa.” Whenever a 3 would fall on the river to make a set, we called it a “Natural Ponderosa.”


I had never had a “smash” cake before. I was only introduced to it this year when Brian and I attended Gavin’s first birthday. I think it’s a recent invention. Basically, you have the regular cake that everyone eats and then you have a smaller cake for the baby to “smash” — so to speak. Gavin is a little more sophisticated, though. He refused to “smash” his little cake with is hands. It wasn’t until April gave him a spoon that he started attacking it.

My friend Misty said that “smash” cakes are just another way for bake shops to make money. Instead of only buying one cake, parents now have to buy two which translates into more money for the bakery. I think it’s brilliant!

But I digress… We thought it would be funny if my “smash” cake was a 3 on the river for a “Natural Ponderosa.” I don’t think anyone got it except for us poker nerds. It was still funny, though. I loved that my first ever “smash” cake was an homage to the Ponderosa Poker Posse. Those were the days!

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