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Rotary Holiday Lunch

Posted on January 9, 2019 by under Food and Drink.    

Brian and I went to lunch at Hereford House for the final club social of the year. Everyone was busy with holiday and family stuff so it was pretty much just the Harmons (Gary and Cathy), Josh Vargo, and us.

It’s not often that I can make a lunch due to work meetings and such and Brian usually can’t come because he works too darn far away but we both happened to be off that day. We didn’t have any plans except for errands so it worked out that we could go. It wasn’t a great turnout for a social (as can be expected because of the time of year) but we had a wonderful, intimate lunch between the five of us.


The soup du jour was a green chile soup that wasn’t green. LOL. It was amazing! Possibly the best soup I’d had in a long time.


Brian ordered a cup and shared it with me.


Here are pictures of the rest of our food…





I’d had brunch at Hereford House before but I hadn’t really had any other dining experience there. I don’t count our Rotary lunches because the restaurant usually prepares a buffet for us so we don’t get to choose. It was a refreshing change to be able to order from the menu. Food at Hereford House is pretty good. I highly recommend it if you’ve never been. It’s a great place for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. It’s also great for lunch meetings. I would probably go more often if it wasn’t so out of the way.

It was a pleasure visiting with Josh and the Harmons over lunch. You can’t beat a free meal and good company!

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