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Our First Time at Twin Peaks

Posted on January 12, 2019 by under Events, Food and Drink.    

Twin Peaks is one of those restaurants that’s been around forever but we’d never had a reason to go there. Brian said he’s heard from several people that the food is actually decent. I guess it’s just not a place that immediately comes to mind when we’re looking for some place to eat.


We finally had a reason to go recently. We met some friends there for Brynden’s birthday dinner. We tried it for the first time and, I have to say, it wasn’t bad.


Here are some pictures of our food… Madison had the fish and chips, which I thought of getting but decided against since I had fish and chips at Hereford House just a couple of days before.


Brian had a hamburger and Lindsay had the pot roast, which was presented in a cast iron dish — the presentation was better than what I was expecting from a sports bar type place. It looked good, actually.


I was dull and just got chicken tenders. I wasn’t that hungry so I didn’t even eat much of it. I think I had one chicken tender and then Lindsay and Madison helped me with the rest. Brian ate most of the fries.


Here’s what the inside of the restaurant looks like.


I can understand why it’s popular with the guys. I’m not just talking about the scantily clad girls either. They actually have a bunch of TVs showing various sporting events. I suppose if you want to watch sports and drink some beers with your buds, this would be a good place to go.


It was a convenient place for us to meet for dinner after Zumba and before the rest of the evening’s festivities in honor of Brynden’s 19th birthday. I had just subbed for Joel at South YMCA and, after my crazy work week, didn’t have the energy to continue on to Club Rodeo with the rest of the gang. We were only in it for the dinner part. I’m glad I got to celebrate Brynden’s day, even though it was just a small part of it. It gave me an opportunity to give Brynden’s mom Laurie her prize for winning my little guessing game on my Zumba page (I’d been hanging on to her prize for a few weeks because we hadn’t been able to connect until then) and also give Brynden her present, which I purposely matched Laurie’s prize so they could be matchy-matchy together at some point.


Oh! One of the Zumba guys, Luis, made both Missy and Brynden pineapple Zumba birthday cakes. I missed Missy’s but Brian and I got to share a slice of Brynden’s cake. It was delicious!

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