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Sunday Funday at Sandals Emerald Bay

Posted on November 30, 2017 by under Travel.    


This is Brian and Jay scheming on how they can watch the Pats game at the resort.


As for me, I didn’t care either way. I was just there to hang out and enjoy some frozen cocktails. You end up double fisting it when they bring you drinks faster than you can consume them.


We figured out that we could get the game on the TV in the games room.


We also met a bunch of other Pats fans.


Here’s a quick selfie outside in front of the Drunken Duck water feature which is right by the games room.


Later that afternoon, we got on the “Butler Convoy” which is a great way for non-golfers to tour the golf course.

Here’s a partial video of the convoy.

Quick video of Jay and Becca at one of the stops.

There were many opportunities for photos.

Here are a few of the fun selfies we took at one of the stops.


We just couldn’t resist snapping pics of the breathtaking view.


Here’s a great panoramic photo.


Here’s a photo of me and Brian that Jay took.


Here’s a continuation of the convoy/golf course tour.

Here’s a video of us arriving at the cocktail party site.

Here’s a picture of some of the golf carts lined up when we got to the cocktail party.


Once we got there, we ended up playing a few games organized by our butlers. This one is a short clip of the musical golf carts game.

Just a few pictures of the cocktail party at the end of the convoy…


Since there was three-way tie for musical golf carts, they had to settle it via a dance off. It was hilarious!

Jay, participating in a dance off. The man next to him is named Brian. We met him and his wife on the flight to Great Exuma and had fun hanging out with them throughout the trip.


The golf course tour was super fun. I’m glad we had the opportunity to do it.


When we got back to our villa after a full day of play, we were greeted with this wonderful towel art. What a marvelous pre-birthday!

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