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Sailing, Pool Time and Photo Shoot

Posted on December 17, 2017 by under Travel.    

It was a pretty laid back day. We spent some time at the beach and we went sailing, as you saw in the slideshow video that I posted yesterday.


I’m not sure where Brian learned to sail but he actually did really well. I felt pretty comfortable that we weren’t going to get out too far and stall out in the middle of the sea. I didn’t have to know anything because Brian did all the work. He would just tell me when to move to the other side each time we had to turn. For those who are wanting to learn some hobie cat sailing basics, I found this helpful page.

Brian handled the hobie cat pretty skillfully except for the turns. He hadn’t quite mastered the timing so he would hit his head on the bottom of the sail each time. LOL. The second time we went out, we asked one of the water sports guys to go with us because Brian was tired of hitting his head.


The photo above was actually taken by some new friends we made at the resort, Kathy and Brian Dunn. We first met them on the flight from Atlanta to Georgetown (where the airport is in Great Exuma). We spent the same number of days and so we all traveled out the same day as well.


The funniest part is when we first learned their names I told Brian, “Don’t you have an aunt named Kathy Dunn? Have you met her? Do you know what she looks like?” I was being silly. Brian had met his Aunt Kathy before and knows what she looks like. It was just funny that we met someone by the exact same name.

We got to hang out with the Dunns a bit at the butler convoy and cocktail party and found out that we shared the same butlers, Jackson and Garth. We got to visit with them some more because the butlers would save us side by side cabanas at the main pool throughout the week. Brian and Kathy are both nice, fun-loving people. It was a pleasure visiting and getting to know them.

Anyway, these two picture were taken from Kathy’s phone and I had asked her to text them to me so I could have them.


Speaking of the pool, here are some pictures we took at the pool later that day.




The Dunns were in a cabana to our right and then there was a young German couple that always had the cabana to our left. She changed swimsuits for some reason and hung her original bikini up to dry. I thought this picture was funny because it made you wonder if someone was walking around naked. LOL.


Later that day, Brian and I played lawn chess. It’s one of our favorite resort activities. We didn’t get to play as much this time, though because the chess board was on the opposite direction as our villa from the main pool. I don’t even think we realized it was there until later in our trip.


We had to play at least one game though, because that’s kind of our thing. We did it when we were at the Couples resort in Jamaica and also when we were at Barcelo celebrating Brian’s 40th birthday week in the Dominican Republic.


Here’s the winning shot of my checkmate move.


In Brian’s defense, lawn chess is more challenging than regular chess because it’s difficult to see everything that is happening on the board. It’s a totally different perspective. It’s also hard after a few drinks. LOL.


Even later that day, we went on a sunset photo shoot. We would have never scheduled one (because resort photos are so expensive) except that we won two free pictures at the manager’s cocktail party a couple of days prior. We had to get a photo shoot so we would have at least a few photos to choose from.


The talented resort photographer took a ton of photos. These are a few of our favorites. At $15-$20 a photo, we obviously couldn’t buy them all. We had to carefully pick and choose.


Smart marketing on their part, though. We would never have even thought of doing a photo shoot had it not been for the prize we won. So they gave us a picture frame and two free photos and in exchange we ended up spending a ton of money that we didn’t expect to spend at the Epix store.


I think this photo is very similar to the print that we bought for grandma. We gave it to her in the nice wood Bahamas picture frame that we got from the resort.


We loved this cool black and white one with just a hint of color from the sunset peeking in the corner.






We opted for garden photos since we were going to dinner after and neither Brian nor I wanted to mess with sand in our shoes all night.


We also took some photos with the golf course as the backdrop and kept a few of those. Though you can’t really tell from these photos.


These next three are heavily stylized but they looked really cool so we kept them.




We also ended up buying a few random photos that were taken by Epix photographers throughout our trip. This one is from the butler convoy on Sunday.


We bought a second picture from the butler convoy in the form of a print so I don’t have a digital version of it. It was a group photo of me and Brian with Jay and Becca. We put it in a frame and gave it to Becca for her birthday.


This one was a great candid shot of Brian that the photographer took during our ocean safari excursion on my birthday. Definitely a keeper!


We also kept the one of us on our way to my birthday dinner at the Bombay Club. My dress just happened to perfectly match the Sandals sign in the background. LOL. Not planned but it turned out pretty cool.

Next, I’ll tell you about our dinner at Soy and Kimonos which was one of our favorite meals at the resort.

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